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Women’s Summer Clothing: Making The Right Choice

The different seasons of the year bring various activities to mind. They range from shopping for gifts to preparing for family get together. However, no season brings the outdoors to mind like the summer.

In this season, our desire to go out, travel and explore comes to the fore and in most cases we oblige it (if we can afford it). At other times, we simply go about our normal routines bearing in mind that in this season, the sun will be out and depending on the climate of your area, the possibility that it might be very hot. And because of this, you have to dress accordingly.

What Are Summer Clothes?

In simple words, they are those clothes that are more suitably worn in warm weather which is during summer. You can read more on it here. These dresses allow for passage of air to the body and are easy, free and light on the body. The reason for this being that the weather is mostly warm if not hot at this time of the year thus, heavy clothing is not ideal for this season.

However, this is not and should not be an excuse (especially for ladies) to look shabby or unkempt. It is important that you understand that you can look good no matter the season of the year it is. You only need to update your wardrobe with the necessary (which should also be fashionable) things to wear every season.

Tips On What To Wear This Summer

There are various ways of getting your wardrobe ready for this warm season. However, the choice of material or dress that you pick up really matters as they contribute generally to your appearance. The following are some tips that you might find helpful when making your choices.

Choose Light Colored Clothing

The primary reason for this tip is because, light colored clothes reflect the sun’s rays as opposed to absorbing them. This reduces the chances of your body getting all sweaty which wouldn’t look good on you.

Go For Sleeveless Dresses

The idea here is to as much as is possible (or comfortable) allow for airflow to your body. Now there are various ways that you can do this stylishly; for example you can wear camis that are sleeveless, Button up short sleeves. You must not go strapless (which almost everyone does these days).

Do Not Wear Tight Clothing

This season is not the time to wear tightly fitted clothes rather, you should go for clothes that are loosely fitted as they usually leave room for air passage to your body. Again, with loose clothes, your skin can release heat that will not be entrapped by a tight dress. This also has the advantage of allowing for proper blood circulation in the body.

Wear Cotton Fabrics

For those who do not know, the best fabric for the summer is cotton. The reason for this is because cotton fabrics can absorb moisture and the warm (or hot weather depending on your place of residence) season will definitely make you sweat. It also allows for passage of air to your body in fact, it literarily is the best fabric for summer. You can read more on this at

Jeans Are Not the Best

In this season, jeans are not the best dress option especially tight jeans because they make the inside of your thighs and your private parts sweaty and itchy in the heat. It is better that you wear light cotton pants and other dresses of the sort. 

Get Leather Sandals

You thought flip flops was your best option? It is only if you are going to the beach. For regular outings leather sandals are the best and it comes in various designs that are both stylish and comfortable on the feet.

Wear Less Accessories

This season is not the time for much accessories like necklaces bangles or chains as they can get sticky (on your skin) in the heat. Rather, you should opt for one statement accessory (hoop earrings for example) per time per occasion.

Where You Get Your Clothes Is Important

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It is important to note that where you buy your clothes really matter. For this reason, it is important to make your purchases from reputable sellers who have the type of clothes that you need. For instance, Pampelone has the Pampelone resort wear which is the category of clothes you need for the summer. 

Buying from the right source will make it easier for you to get your money’s worth.


Just like every occasion has a dress code most suitable for it, so too does every season. The difference here though is that while a dress code might be enforced, your dressing style for the season is not.

However, it is important that a woman be comfortable in the dress she puts on. These fashion tips show how this can be achieved in the summer.

Inspired by- Marion Joy Torreros