Eyelash extensions in Norwich

I had a client email me recently who has been having individual eyelash extensions done for the past 9 months in Norwich and complaining that with her current lash technician she needs weekly infills on her eyelash extensions, which is becoming very expensive. I asked her to come in for a free consultation and I took photos of her eyelash extensions. From this view of her eyelashes I hardly had to explain why they weren’t lasting. These eyelash extensions hadn’t been isolated correctly during application so were not 100% bonded to each individual natural eyelash one by one. The original eyelash technician hadn’t explained to her how important it is to keep them clean and brush them. If you aren’t happy with your current lash technician don’t be afraid to ask questions on why your eyelash extensions aren’t lasting as long as you would expect.

When I do eyelash extensions they last on average around 3 weeks before they need infilling and no clumps of glue are left on your natural lashes. There should be no build up of glue on your eyelash extensions what-so-ever! I use a minimal amount of glue during my application of eyelash extensions, it’s not about how much glue you use it’s about 100% isolating the lash and getting the extensions to bond the whole way up the natural lash to ensure it lasts until your own eyelash falls out naturally with only one extension attached.



eyelash extensions keep falling out poorly-done-eyelash-extensions-

After a few weeks this clients natural eyelashes should recover and I will be able to create a fuller look.