Why do I need infills with eyelash extensions and why do I need them sooner than others seem to?

natural eyelash with eyelash extension on
Naturally fallen out volume (2D) lashes.

It’s important to understand with eyelashes that they do actually fall out. I know this sounds like common sense, but it’s interesting how many people are surprised by this! I guess it’s just something we don’t think about. Also like all hair on our body the hairs grow in cycles. Hair on your head has a longer cycle than eyelashes hence why you can grow your hair really long!

Hair grows in cycles, and each cycle has three phases – growth (anagen), transition (catagen) and resting (telogen). Hair only grows during the first phase and then it transitions and ‘rests’ until it falls out. The three phases of the hair growth cycle differ in duration depending on the body location and you as a person. I have seen natural eyelashes as short as 3-4mm and as long as 15mm in length! We are all different meaning that some of us can go longer between infill appointments. I have some ladies who can go 4 weeks between their appointments and other just 2 weeks before they need a top up.

When placing eyelash extensions I aim for the catagen and anagen ones (only if the baby lashes are long enough though!), if there is still extra time on your appointment I will then place them on the lashes in telogen stage. However when placing lashes on the telogen stage you might lose them the next day or keep them for 10 days! There is no way in me telling how long they have left before you naturally lose them. Basically, don’t panic if you lose one the next day! It’s perfectly natural to lose your eyelashes. You just notice them more with extensions on them.

Interestingly the anagen (growing) stage with the hair on your head can last anything from 2 -4 years!

There are factors which affect the anagen (growing) stage for example cancer-related drugs. I am not a doctor, but from my own research, I can see that there are factors such as poor diet, medical conditions and drugs that shorten the amount of time the hairs are in anagen stage and push the hairs into telogen stage early. I am a strong believer in we are what we eat! Our bodies need good nutrients and rest (full nights sleep) to recover. Excess stress leads to less sleep. It’s important to look after our bodies.

Why do I need infills with eyelash extensions?

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