Beauty parlour in Norwich

What to look for when picking a beauty parlour .

There are loads of beauty salons in and around Norwich, Norfolk area. I am putting this blog post together to help you choose, which beauty salon is best for you. Its aim is to help you in making an informed decision on where you want to book for you to suit your needs and requirements.

Beauty salon Norwich

Home or salon based beauty parlour

This is down to personal preference. Most home-based beauty salons don’t have a receptionist, so making an appointment isn’t instant on the phone. Also, most of the online booking systems don’t suit home-based salons budgets. However, most salons have a way of booking by email now, which is far easier for most people.

I personally have a purpose-built extension on the side of the house for my treatments. It’s completely separate from the family rooms and private. It’s always best to check this as the last thing you want is a bikini wax in someones front living room with the family dog watching!

Is it in a quiet relaxing room? Don’t be shy in asking questions.


Hygiene in the beauty parlour

Massive point for me. It’s extremely important the last thing you want is to catch an infection from your beauty salon. Sadly training in cross-infection in the beauty salon is poor. I have extended training in this as my previous job was a dental nurse with the main part of the training in that was hygiene. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about policies in place to prevent the passing on of infections from one person to another. Here is my infection control policy.


Specialise – “Jack of all, master of none?”

Some beauty parlours seem to offer every single treatment under the sun! I personally would look for a beauty salon that specializes in the treatment you are after. For example, the Wax Works in Norwich only do waxing and have extended training in this field, so they really are at the top the game for this.

Waxing I recommend – The Wax Works

Spa day I recommend – Imagine in Blofield

Lash lift I recommend … me! Read more about the lash lift on the treatment page.

On this note check their treatment menu, they might not offer what you want. For example, not every beauty salon offers blackhead removal as part of their facial. For most, it’s just a relaxing treatment, but not targeting people’s needs.

Opening hours

My beauty parlour in Norwich is run by only me and I work very strict hours around my daughter’s schooling. I believe the weekends and evenings are family time, so never work them. However, I completely understand that for some people who work Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm, don’t want to take precious holiday leave for a bikini wax appointment! For these people, I often recommend one of the busy beauty salons in Norwich as they cater for this. I normally recommend Pampers on London St or The Cottage for longer opening hours. These are both Norwich city centre and require parking in one of Norwich’s many car parks.

beauty salon norwich

Person or salon?

Is it important for you to see the same person every time? If it is you are often better off booking with a ‘one man band’ salon instead of a large beauty parlour. Often self-employed sole traders from their homes or mobile.



Some of the Norwich city centre beauty parlours often don’t have any parking at all and rely on you using multi-story car parking, which isn’t a problem if you have a few jobs to do in the Norwich, However if it’s just a quick eyebrow threading I would recommend looking for somewhere outside of Norwich and possibly even Norfolk countryside depending on where you live.


How many years has the beauty parlour been open?

Would you be nervous about booking with a beauty parlour with less than one year of experience under their belt? I know I would be.  


Discounts and special offers

I often get asked if I do discounts and special offers. There are many businesses that do, but normally when you compare the price lists, those beauty salons are often overpriced to begin with or it’s a lot shorter appointment length.

The best example is free eyebrow threading with every 10th appointment, but they charge £15 per treatment when most places only charge £10, meaning nothing is free it’s factored into the offer.

Often start-up businesses are cheaper to build up their client list, so do check what qualifications and experience they have first. A lot of the offers on Groupon are from startups salons and they then try to upsell you more after booking.

nail polish beauty salon norwichAny medical/ skin needs

Sensitive skin – Does the beauty salon have products to suit all skin types?



Can you afford to keep up with this treatment? There is no point in having a one-off leg wax as not all the hairs will be in the same growth pattern, so new hairs will break through the skins within days. Meaning for the best results in waxing you ideally need it done every 6 weeks. Can you afford this reoccurring treatment at your beauty salon?  


Qualifications of the people at the beauty parlour

When did they qualify? Was it recently or years ago? Do they stay up to date with the latest trends?



Does the beauty parlour have good reviews and do you know anyone who has personally been there? Remember it’s easy to fake reviews. Although in my opinion, it’s normally easy to spot a fake review or a customer who is never happy. We all have that one friend who complains every time in the restaurant about the food even when it’s perfect! Normally they are after a free bottle of wine or a dessert! I have seen some awful reviews on beauty salons stating unsterile equipment or bad customer service. Always read these reviews carefully and judge for yourself, if it’s somewhere you want to spend your money.


For further reading check out Dangelo Blackburn’s post on Tips For Choosing A Beauty Salon


If you live local to Norwich please check out my treatment menu!


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