I work from home and have one room for my beauty salon. This is separate from the house with its own door. In normal years I would just put the gas central heating on. However with the energy prices going up I need a better way. I don’t need the whole house heated.

I have a floor heater from Argos 2000 Watts. This works out at 70p an hour to use on my current electrical tariff with Bulb. Sust-it has a handy online calculator. This is based on the highest setting. So a 7 hour day with it on constantly would be £4.91.

Argos 2000 Watt fan heater

Bulb – Sep 2022

“From 1 October, our prices will be increasing
We’re increasing our electricity unit rate from 29.239p to 35.056p per kWh and electricity standing charge from 37.918p to 38.936p per day.

We’re increasing our gas unit rate from 7.344p to 10.309p per kWh and standing charge from 27.219p to 28.484p per day.”

My house gas central heating is a BAXI 600 24.2kW, this works out at £2.49 an hour to run. Based on a 7 hour day, this would be £17.45. Obviously, this is a rough guide as the boiler turns off when it reaches temperature.

BAXI 600
This oil-filled radiator would work out at £2.46 for 7 hours running on the highest setting. 35.10p an hour.

It’s clear from a quick Google and some basic maths, that I am a lot better off purchasing a lower Wattage electrical heater or oil-filled radiator. Please feel free to comment on this blog post with your own suggestions.

Tariff back in 2019 with Toto

15.7p in 2019 compared to 35.056p per kWh in 2022.
3.5p in 2019 compared to 10.309p in 2022.