Wedding photography in Norwich

A small collection of my favourite wedding photos from our wedding last month. There were many more, but I’ll save those for showing people in a printed album. These were taken by my very talented friend Jess Wilkins at St Giles Hotel early June. Jess specialises in maternity, newborn and Toddlers, but as you can see she isn’t just extremely talented in that one field. Love the photos so much and very pleased to have such great friends to help make our day special.

Danielle – wedding hair and make-up

Danielle my hair and makeup artist. Truly amazing on the day.
Danielle my hair and makeup artist. Truly amazing on the day at St.Giles Hotel in Norwich.
Danielle is amazing and made me feel very calm. Highly recommend.
Danielle is amazing and made me feel very calm. Highly recommend.
Jessica's outfit
Jessica’s outfit
The dress from Phase Eight online! Picked in just 2 days due to disaster in getting a dress made! I wouldn’t recommend anyone get a dress made from scratch. Turned out to be a very stressful event and very time consuming.
Pimms to calm the nerves!
Pimms to calm the nerves!
Me and oldest friends.
Me and oldest friends.
Getting ready for the big day.
Jessica having her nails painted for the first time.
Jessica having her nails painted for the first time.

My little girl has way too much energy!
The bridal suite at St Giles. Very stunning room, but no extras to make it special. I would recommend if you are getting married there to take some extra special bits with you. There wasn’t even any hand soap! Also no tall mirror, so I couldn’t have that final check 😮 !!! Also, room service was slow, so take your own food and drink for getting ready during the day. Actually, to be honest, the service as a whole was very slow and not very professional. We asked for the cake to be cut and buffet to be served at 7.30pm and it was 8.45pm when it finally came out after lots of nagging!! Not really what you want to be doing on your wedding day. Also, the upstairs bar was very poorly stocked up and the staff were talking about doing a ‘Tesco’ run!! :-O Food ran out extremely quickly and was a hassle to get the staff to restock it. St Giles is a stunning building, but extremely let down by down being poorly run. If you are getting married there I would recommend putting a friend in charge of the day, so things go smoothly I didn’t do this as I trusted the venue to do it, which you would expect when you are paying them to do so :-/
Jessica and her bunny 🙂
Jessica getting ready to have her hair done.
Jessica getting ready to have her hair done.
My beautiful little girl almost ready for the wedding.
Jessica copies my every move. Such a wonderful little girl. Very proud.
Me and my maid of honour Emma. Greatest friend you could ask for.
Andy and Jessica before the wedding
Setting up.
Look at all the complete strangers in the background I had to walk pass!! eek! Just before walking up the stairs to the ceremony.
Just before ceremony with Dad, Emma and Jessica.
Grand stairs at St Giles Hotel.
Me and my Dad.
Being given away.
St Giles Hotel.
Jessica peeking around to see all the guests!
You may now kiss the bride.
All finished. Husband and wife now!
Love Jessica so much. She did really well on the day.
Just before walking out. 30′ heat that day!
Plantation gardens in Norwich
Love Jessica’s face on this one. Flowers were amazing and just what I had in mind. Cara Bale is a very creative and talented friend of mine.
All of us at Plantation gardens in Norwich
Plantation gardens in Norwich
Jessica showing me her panted nails.
Flower girl 🙂
Jumping around the gardens.
Andy and Jessica at Plantation gardens in Norwich.
Me and Andy at Plantation gardens in Norwich
Plantation gardens in Norwich
The cake. Nicola from Vanilla Chilli is amazing!! Couldn’t recommend her enough. Very professional lady.
Dancing! Jessica and George the band were super and everything we wished them to be on the evening. Couldn’t fault them one little bit.
Cutting the cake!
First taste of the cake to Jessica!

My wedding photographs by Jess Wilkins photography