Wedding make-up at Benefit counter in Norwich

My good friend Alice is getting married this year and doesn’t believe in spending a fortune on their wedding. Alice is very similar to me on this one and as unromantic as it sounds it really is just one day. Marriage is for life, so I personally don’t believe spending 15 grand or whatever the national average is now. Having your make-up done professionally can take a large portion of your budget.

From the #Norwichmeetup arranged last year on Twitter I got a voucher for a free makeover at the benefit counter. My other half Andy (Norwich wedding photographer) didn’t want his voucher, so me and Alice went together!

Right from the start, we found the Benefit counter in the House of Fraser in Norwich extremely friendly and she listened to exactly what my friend Alice said word by word! I actually don’t think you need a voucher they are so friendly in there that they are happy to help and assist anyone. Alice doesn’t cake herself in make-up and has a very natural beautiful appearance, so the make-up counter artist followed Alice’s lead and applied a very natural, but still glamorous look. The make-up artist did a fantastic job and Alice was extremely pleased. For the actual wedding day, I am going to do semi-permanent lashes for Alice as part of her wedding present from me, so Alice won’t need the smokey eyes / high defined etc look as the lashes add instant glamour!

The make-up artist wrote down every product she used and gave tips to Alice on how to apply it at home. I think this is really important as most people don’t know to apply primer under liquid foundation to give a better appearance. The make-up artist said for Alice primer on the T-zone will be more than enough for her. Alice looks after her skin well, so she doesn’t really have any problem areas at all. I am planning monthly facials for Alice anyway leading up to her wedding day. Alice reported back to me that evening and said her make-up was still absolutely perfect and flawless!

I must admit I was extremely surprised by the make-up artist not being pushy and how little products she used. I almost expected her to use 50 odd products and tell Alice that every one of them was essential! However, she didn’t and allowed Alice to go home and have a think about what she really needed and what was missing from her make-up bag at home.

I would definitely recommend anyone getting married or not to visit the make-up Benefit counter in House of Fraser Norwich. I think it’s an essential part of shopping for make-up now as they can get the perfect colour match for your skin type. After having my ‘colours done‘ with Claire Bunton I now understand how important this is. The wrong shade can be a disaster! I am really looking forward to going back and using my voucher now (we were short on time, so only Alice had her make-up done that day). I would love to know how to apply the contouring benefit products I got for Christmas correctly.

foundation for skin
I need this foundation in my life. Looked amazing on Alice’s skin.
benefit counter in Norwich
Alice having her make-up done at Benefit counter in Norwich
Benefit counter in Norwich
Beautiful packing for Benefit products
Make-up consultation
Make-up consultation at Benefit counter in House of Fraser
wedding make-up at beauty counter
Alice’s chosen products
My little girl Jessica getting very excited about all the sample products!

Benefit counter for wedding make-up