Wedding dress hunt in Norwich! I have put together a list of Norwich bridal shops and plan to visit most of them on the hunt for the perfect dress! If anyone has any tips on what to look for with a wedding dress please do comment on this blog as I am currently feeling a bit overwhelmed by the task and keep putting my head in the sand about it!

The frock spot  for a wedding dress on St Benedict’s Street Norwich.

Pure brides – 8-10 Lower Goat Ln.

Prima Donna – Castle Meadow.

City brides – for wedding dresses on 11 Westwick St.

La Belle Angele by Aurora Designs – 6 Bridewell Alley.

Dreams brides – 1 Wendover Rd.

Love couture – Bagleys House, Bagleys.

Jacka gowns – 113-119 Ber St.

Bespoke wedding dresses in Norwich – wedding dressmakers.

Camilla brides N Walsham Rd, Norwich.

So it’s now 6 months before my wedding, which will be at St Giles in Norwich and I still have no dress! I have pinned loads of dress ideas on Pinterest, but I’m still none the wiser on what style of dress I want. I don’t want to spend a small fortune on a dress, however, I do want it to be super pretty and not look like this is where we have saved money on our big day.

I am pretty sure I would like straps on the dress as the boob tube style ones just wouldn’t suit my shape and give me that awful back fat look. Also, the dress can’t be ridiculously huge with 7 layers because I have a small child to look after and no way do I want to have to ask my friends to lift up my dress while I go for a wee! Originally I loved the idea of a short style wedding dress, which could be dyed another colour after the wedding and kept. However I am not sure if that says “second wedding” or not and this is my first wedding, or would it look too much like a bridesmaid’s dress?

I have seen some wedding dresses I love on Phase eight‘s website and they retail at Debenhams and John Lewis I believe. I am thinking it might be wise to go to London for the day and go to their actual shop though. I will definitely have a look at Frox of Falkirk as they are also a really reliable source of amazing wedding dresses.

This wedding dress I like, but need to try it on to see if it suits my shape.

wedding dress
Wedding dress by phase eight
short wedding dress Norwich
short dress Norwich – by phase eight


If you’re also looking for a wedding photographer, please check out my husband’s website to see if his style suits your needs. Andy Dane – Norwich Wedding Photographer

Andy Dane wedding photography in Norwich

Wedding dress Norwich

Live locally to Norwich and want to book in? Have a look at my price list and contact me by email.

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