What to look for when choosing Russian volume tweezers:

    • Weight of the tweezers
    • Grip when closed – is the surface area increased? Are there any gaps? Do they meet correctly? Light pressure is better.
    • The angle of tip and length of tip/ foot. I find the shorter the easier to place for me as it gives me a more precious placement on eyelash fan without damaging the fine eyelash extensions.
    • Can they be autoclaved? What are they made of?
    • Where is the pressure point on tweezers? Sometimes this is just getting used to a new pair of tweezers. I prefer the pressure point on the tip, but sometimes it’s in the middle.
    • Is the angle of the tip of volume tweezers going to give you Repetitive strain injury? I prefer 45′.

Having the correct tweezers for doing volume lashes is a must. It is a real skill to be able to fan the eyelash extensions. Fanning lashes takes time to master. I have recently purchased Noir 45 volume tweezers from TPS beauty – lash art direct. Their website is under construction, but their ebay shop is very active. I have tried many tweezers that describe themselves as volume tweezers, but they don’t have the surface area to pick up more than one eyelash extension. The Noir 45 have been fabulous as volume tweezers and have made doing 2D/ 3D lashes a lot easier. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have the correct equipment when doing lashes. I personally never buy tweezers with pretty patterns on them as they soon wear off when being autoclaved.

Grip of volume tweezers
Grip of volume tweezers


Also please do note the difference in angle of these tweezers 90′ tweezers are extremely uncomfortable to work with when placing volume eyelash extensions. 45′ angles are a lot more natural angle. I personally didn’t like the Ventus 6ASA tweezers. Noir 45 is by far a better quality product and lightweight.


volume eyelash tweezers
Noir 45 – volume eyelash tweezers

volume tweezers
Comparing the different angle of volume tweezers


Curved tweezers from Lashbase.co.uk . Also, work well for volume lashes, but heavier.
volume tweezers for eyelash extensions
Volume lashes are picking up 2 or more individual lashes and placing on one natural eyelash.


I am always on the lookout for new products, so please do add links to this blog of eyelash extension equipment you can’t be without!

What are your favourite volume tweezers?

Volume tweezers for 2D/ 3D lashes

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