This is a set of volume eyelash extensions I did recently. I have used C curl and lengths 9mm, 11mm and 11mm.

This technique involves picking up two very thin eyelash extensions and applying them to just one natural eyelash, so you need a very steady hand. You must make sure to never stick natural eyelashes together as this will cause the client a lot of pain and they could end up with an infection. Isolating the natural eyelash first before applying eyelash extension is one of the most important things with applying any technique of eyelash extensions. I have used 0.15 thickness for this set, which is the max weight for natural eyelash extensions. Only use this weight if natural lashes are strong and healthy. I create the fan/ V-shaped lashes myself and never use pre-made volume lashes as this way there is less glue/ weight on the natural eyelashes. To create different looks you can have the fan narrow or wide etc, so there are lots of options with volume lash extensions to create a personal, individual look. If the fan is wider it will give a fluffier look.  Opinion on which weight of eyelash extensions varies from technician to technician to which your natural eyelash can hold. However, I have listed here what I follow:

“The weight of lashes do not divide into the range of thicknesses ie 1 .20mm = 2-3 .15mm = 3-4 .10mm = 5-6 .07mm” quoted by Francesca at LASHacademy.

0.15’s – max 2 per natural lash (2d)

0.10’s – max 4 per natural lash (4d)

0.07’s – max 6 per natural lash (6d)

0.05’s – max 8 per natural lash (8d)

Image of different eyelash extensions thickness. Please note I personally don't offer 0.25 or 0.30 x
Image of different eyelash extensions thickness. Please note I personally don’t offer 0.25 or 0.30 x

Volume lashes aren’t for everybody. On average we have around 100 natural eyelash extensions on one eye, so therefore with this 2D technique, it would double to 200 eyelash extensions on one eye. Everyone wants fuller looking eyelash extensions, but you run the risk of them looking like a brush and not natural. Also 6d look very feather-like as the lashes used for this style are extremely thin and lots of people seem to prefer the thicker eyelash extensions, which simply would be too heavy for 6d. It really is a personal preference with volume lashes.

2d 200 Lashes per eye

3d 300 Lashes per eye

4d 400 Lashes per eye

5d 500 Lashes per eye

6d 600 Lashes per eye

The volume technique or sometimes referred to as Russian volume uses up a lot more eyelash extensions and therefore costs the eyelash technician more per treatment. It is also a very skilled way of applying eyelash extensions and definitely not for every beautician. You need extreme patience some days as they take longer. Therefore the price does reflect this, so always expect to pay more for volume eyelash extensions. However as they look fuller for longer you find you don’t need infill appointments as often, so sometimes volume eyelash extensions can save you money in the long run. Eyelash extensions last a variety of time depending on the home care. If you don’t wash and care for your lashes at home it doesn’t matter how good the eyelash technician is they simply won’t last as long as someone who does care for them correctly.

Volume lashes - These are 2D lashes.
Volume lashes – These are 2D lashes.

volume lashes

3d volume fan lashes
3d volume lashes. Three light individual lashes placed on one natural eyelash #volumelashes #Norwich
volume tweezers for eyelash extensions
Volume lashes are picking up 2 or more individual lashes and placing on one natural eyelash.

Volume eyelash extensions in Norwich

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