Vinegar foot soak as part of a deluxe pedicure

“Before and after soaking my client’s feet in vinegar! I used 50% vinegar and 50% water soaking for about 30 mins. The hard skin just fell off her feet with the foot file!”

This is a two-hour treatment to remove the hard build-up of dry skin on your skin.

This may sound crazy, but vinegar is amazing at naturally removing dry skin from your feet. I use a vinegar soak for 30 minutes to soften your feet. Vinegar is amazing on your feet and I recommend my clients to soak their feet regularly in vinegar to maintain removal of dry skin. After the vinegar soak, I use a foot file to gently remove all the dry skin, which has been softened by the vinegar soak. It’s amazing how easy the dry skin comes away. Following this, I use a sugar exfoliation on your feet to remove any excess dry skin not removed previously. If there is time I can do a paraffin wax dip depending on how much dry skin there was to remove. A deep foot massage with almond oil and moisturiser is applied after treatment. Finally, I finish with a polish on the toe nails. This is the ultimate treatment for people who suffer from pain and discomfort with their feet. Build up of hard skin on your feet can be extremely painful when walking, so it’s very important not to allow it to get to this stage.

I am more than happy to customise any of my treatments to suit the client’s needs. So if you don’t want the paraffin wax dip or polish on your toenails. I can simply just do the hard skin removal on your feet and adjust the price according to the time needed.

Vinegar also has some amazing health benefits. Including helping with acne. I don’t recommend this treatment if you have diabetes and always advise anyone with diabetes to visit a foot specialist.

These photos are from just one treatment and taken on the same day. If there are really deep cracks in your heels of your feet it may take a few treatments to get the full benefit.

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before and after pedicure
This is after just one treatment. Sometimes more than one treatment is required.


luxury pedicure in Norwich
After just one treatment. One and a half hour luxury pedicure for sore feet. Pedicure treatments can be customised to suit your own needs.


Luxury pedicure in Norwich

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