This client came to me in a panic just before her holiday as she is desperate to wear flip flops on her sunny holiday. She has had pretty much all her natural toenail removed. What she has left is thin and very damaged. I never make any promises with this treatment as I can’t guarantee how long the false toenail glue will hold the full false nail in place. I do this treatment as more of an educational one to show my client how they can do this at home. I use a gel nail file to shape the full false toenail and to take down short, so it’s not catching on the shoes. The full false toenail is applied with nail glue and held in place with a cuticle pusher until the glue has set. As the natural toenail was so thin I didn’t dare buff it flat, so only 1/3 of the full false toenail was attached. I have shown the client how to stick the nail back on and advised to wear open shoes, so they don’t catch on the inside of her shoes. It will be interesting to know how long they stayed in place.

I charge by time for this treatment as it is not on my price list and I ask the client to bring in the false toenail kit, which they keep at the end of the appointment. If you try this at home it’s extremely important to make sure there are no infections present and to wipe the area clean with rubbing alcohol first. Rubbing alcohol can be brought online.

For this lady, I recommend regular pedicures to keep her feet and toes healthy. She works on a Norfolk farm, so her nails are often forgotten about.

ingrowing toe nail

“Hi, just to let you know the false big toenails lasted well whilst on holiday! Despite daily swimming in pool/sea only one came off! Quite surprised how well they lasted and since home I`ve reapplied the other one twice. Felt so nice to confidently wear sandals/flip flops I don’t want to remove them. Thank you for helping to make my holiday so enjoyable, regards”

False toenails