Twiggy hit the beauty world with a bang with her false lashes on the front of Vogue magazine in 1967. It’s claimed she wore 3 sets of fake lashes to get that look. It was in the 60’s that people got a lot more adventurous with make-up and started to create really dramatic looks and they stopped worrying about standing out from the crowd.  It’s said that Twiggy actually drew on her bottom lashes calling them “twigs”! I think what I love most about Twiggy’s look is that it’s all about the eyes. Her lips are done in a soft rose and all the attention is drawn to her eyes making the whites of her eyes really stand out. It’s a great bold look which is easy to recreate at home.

Her brows are done very softly and natural, which is my personal favourite. I am not a fan of the current ‘Lego brows’ look. I believe in nicely shaped brows with a little powder in them to give them shape and frame your face. Twiggy’s foundation is just right it still shows off her freckles, but giving her an even look. Although I like the contoured look which has recently hit the celebrity world, Kim Kardashian being the person who first comes to mind, I believe in a much more natural look. Less is more for me and a lot more manageable for an everyday look.


Eyelash extensions have come along way since then and are now a lot more gentle on your natural lashes. I personally offer semi-permanent eyelash extensions at my beauty salon. These are great for special occasions like weddings. I recently went to House of Fraser Benefit make-up stand with a friend of mine to have a trial of their make-up and it’s an awesome place to go if you want to change your current look, but no idea where to start. This is my blog on their wedding make-up – Wedding make-up Norwich. I honestly can’t recommend going House Of Fraser enough for any make-up advice. The ladies in there are great helping you colour match make-up palette to suit your skin type and personality.

Set of natural full looking false eyelash extensions done by me.

My entry for the beauty blogger ambassador at House Of Fraser.


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