Indian Head Massage – add on at pamper parties

Indian head massage, also known as Champissage

About Indian head massage

Working on the head, face, arms and shoulders this Indian head massage works on your muscles to open blocked energy channels and leaves you feeling invigorated. The benefits of Indian head massages are endless! Read more on wiki. An Indian head massage is done with all phones turned off, relaxing music on, which you can bring your own CD and dimmed lights. The Indian head massage is done over clothes and with or without oil.

Indian head massages are always extremely popular at pamper parties and I always insist on doing the treatment in a separate room, so the client gets the full benefit from it away from all the giggles. Fantastic for evening pamper parties as you have an amazing nights sleep afterwards.

Benefits of Indian head massage

Reduce stress & tension, relaxing, ease tense muscles, toxins released from muscles, relieves tension, eye strain, headaches, increase oxygen supply, improves lymphatic/ blood circulation, joint movement aided, helps relieve sinusitis & many more.

Aftercare for Indian head massage

Reduce the amount of stimulants in your everyday life and diet, for example; tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes (where possible). Increase your water intake – ideally up to 2 litres a day. Eat a varied balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Practice deep breathing exercises. Find your own relaxation techniques and have (where possible) regular relaxation periods throughout the day. Make time to do a little exercise each day. Donʼt feel guilty about looking after yourself.

Indian Head Massage Norwich

Almond Oil

Available to buy after your appointment
£2/100ml bottle
  • 100ml bottle of pure almond oil

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Thank you so much for my lovely Indian head massage! It was very relaxing  See you after my holiday for some TLC for my nails!

Sarah Hoggett

Thank you so much for a fabulous head massage, I yawned all the way home – sooo relaxing xxx

see you soon xxx

Annelise Taylor-Rushbrooke

Indian head massage – Norwich