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With over 10 years experience and hundreds of happy customers that have been to my relaxing salon in Norwich for their eyelash extensions, I’m proud to offer a service personally tailored to your requirements. I love to enhance your natural beauty and have a range of options to suit absolutely anyone!

Before we start you’ll come to me for a consultation and a patch test, so that I can chat through the options with you and find a style that will enhance your natural beauty.

No more putting on the traditional false eyelash extensions before a night out or waking up with panda eyes!

before and after book look lashes

The natural look. Just slightly longer than your own lashes.

natural look lashes

Full set of semi-permanent lash extensions

Eyelash extensions
£67.50/ 2 hour
  • Individual eyelash extensions

Half-set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions
£37.50 / 60 mins
  • Individual eyelash extensions.

Infills and tidy

2-3 weekly
£30/ 50 mins
  • one hour appointment

First set of volume lashes 3d-4d 0.07mm mink

Eyelash extensions
£80 / 2 hr
  • Multiple very thin individual lashes fanned and places on one natural lashes. Mixed in with singles.

Infills and tidy - volume lashes 0.07 3d-4d mink

3-4 weekly
£40 / 50 mins
  • one hour appointment

About eyelash extensions Norwich

I have several options for Eyelash Extensions in my Norwich salon, prices and details of appointment lengths are listed below.

No more putting on the traditional false eyelash extensions before a night out or waking up with panda eyes!

Full set of semi-permanent lash extensions ( 2 hour appointment)

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are individual lashes bonded one by one to your natural eyelashes. I have both synthetic mink and silk eyelash extensions in stock.

They are applied by isolating one eyelash at a time and 100% bonding it to your natural eyelash 2 mm from your eyelid.

Eyelash extensions don’t irritate your eyes at all as they aren’t in contact with your skin. They are almost weightless, feel and look completely natural and are available in different lengths, thickness and curls to create your desired effect.

Choice of eyelash designs range from a completely natural (although enhanced) look, a sassier sexy look or the ultimate glamorous look. Whichever look you decide upon the lashes will add fullness and really open up your eyes making a difference to the way you look and feel about yourself.

Allow two hours for this appointment.

Half-set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions

Half-set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions are applied the same as full set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions, but simply applying half the amount to give a more subtle look. Allow one hour for this appointment.

Infills and tidy at around 2-3 weeks (1 hour appointment)

This is needed every 2-3 weeks to maintain your semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

Many beauticians only allow 30 minutes for infills but I believe a hour appointment is necessary as I clean the eyelashes thoroughly, remove outgrown lashes and place new lashes where the natural lashes are now long enough to hold an eyelash extension.

I don’t ever rush any of my appointments and would rather give you a longer appointment to ensure the best results.

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Removal of eyelash extensions

Safe, clean and painless removal of eyelash extensions.

Extra information

I have many more photographs of eyelash extensions on the gallery page. I highly recommend people looking through these photos after their consultation appointment with me to help them pick which curl, length and thickness they would like. The closer the eyelash extensions are to your natural length the longer you can go in between infill appointments. At the consultation appointment I go through all the styles available and give you a test patch for the glue.

Please note: I am unable to do same-day or very short notice appointments for new clients as I am required to do a test patch at least 48 hours before your first treatment. This is to ensure that there is no adverse reaction to the glue and is a requirement of Salon Gold Insurance.


Aftercare for eyelash extensions

Please read my in depth blog post on how to care for your lashes and looking after them at home.

I love my lash extensions and wouldn’t want anyone else to do them. Prior to visiting Liz, I’d had lashes done that looked good for the first week but deteriorated quite quickly and were clumpy at the base. Now Liz infills my lashes every 3 weeks and I’m pleased to say each lash really is individual and I can comb them through easily. They’re simple to take care of and time saving as I don’t feel the need to wear mascara so just wash and brush them every day.

Barbara Spain

Elizabeth was the only person I felt comfortable with doing eye lash extensions for my daughter for her prom, we talked through the best options for my daughter and Liz did a safety test first. There was no allergic reaction so today we went and talked through the best length and curl and I was amazed at how detailed the whole process is, Liz used varying lengths to create the most beautiful effect, the lashes look natural yet glamerous all at the same time, my daughter is thrilled as am I. Thank you so much Liz x

Sarah Ellis

I have been having my lashes done by Liz for nearly 5 years now! And i could not live without them. I often wonder how my hour appointment goes so quick but it is because we chat about anything and everything!
Her online calendar means I can work my appointments around my shifts and book well in advance. She is happy to share her knowledge about lashes which helps me care for them, allowing them to last longer. She gives her clients different options of style, length and curl so you can get your desired look.
I always feel relaxed during my appointment, whether it be for eyelashes or a facial.
I could not recommend her anymore and I would never see anybody else!

Georgia Livock


Opening times are between school hours Monday – Thursday, and the occasional Friday. Please enquire using the form below.

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    lash art Norwich

    Eyelash art

    I have a huge selection of eyelash extension art available. Pick from gems, coloured eyelash extensions, glitter and beads.

    I am always happy to source new products, so please let me know if there is a particular look you are after.  Check out the mermaid eyelash art I have done on my blog. Maxine wanted eyelash art for the Bo Nanafana festival in Norwich in 2013. The theme was sea, so she picked mermaid.

    About the brands

    I use a number of different brands for my eyelash extensions. Please let me know if there is something particular you are after.

    • AH Francis
    • Marvellash by Salon Systems
    • Lashbase

    Eyelash extensions by Elizabeth Smith Beauty in Norwich