Eyebrow threading

Shaping eyebrow and removing unwanted hairs from the face.

About threading

Eyebrow threading is achieved by using a thin, twisted piece of cotton to remove unwanted hair leaving you with lovely tidy finish. Eyebrow threading is a great treatment as it’s chemical free and removes hairs directly from the follicle. Threading works by rolling the twist in the cotton over the desired area catching the hairs in its twist.

I often get asked when I shape eyebrows if eyebrow threading is painful and personally I don’t find it at all painful. It can be slightly sensitive around the time of the month for ladies. You can buy topical anaesthetic from the pharmacy called Emla cream. You need to apply this at home prior to the appointment. I advise you do your own test patch before you use it behind your ear 24 hours before application on eyebrows, if you try it.

The advantages over waxing are that it’s more gentle on your skin and achieves more accurate results when shaping eyebrows. Read more about it on wiki.

I use witch hazel on the skin at the end of the eyebrow shape appointment, and have bottles available to buy at my Norwich salon.

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Defined eyebrow – The HD brows look : £11 (30 minute appointment)

By combining threading and tint on your eyebrows we can create a look similar to the HD brows which all the celebrities have at the moment. I personally prefer threading over waxing on the eyebrows as it’s a lot gentler on your skin and your eyes are often the first place to show ageing. This look can be done as subtle or dramatic as you like. I show you in the beauty salon how to apply make-up at home to create this HD brows look.

Test patch needed for tint.

eyebrow threading

Aftercare for threading

Threading one of the gentlest of hair removal as it’s chemical free unlike waxing etc. The area may be slightly red for a very short period immediately after the treatment, but this will soon disappear. Please do not apply any cosmetics, expose to sun beds or chlorine for 12 hours after treatment.

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Eyebrow threading

£6/15 minute treatment
  • Eyebrow shaping by threading.
  • The shortest appointment I offer is 30 minutes, so this needs to be booked with another treatment.

Upper lip threading

£6/15 minute treatment
  • Removing unwanted upper lip hairs by threading.
  • The shortest appointment I offer is 30 minutes, so this needs to be booked with another treatment.

Full face threading

Facial hair removal
£16/45 minute treatment
  • Removing facial hair by threading.

By time

£11/30 minute treatment
  • Removal of facial hair by threading within a 30 minute appointment.

Witch hazel

  • To keep the area clean after threading you can apply more witch hazel at home.
  • Also great as a toner for spots.
  • Available for retail.
  • witch hazel norwich

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Thanks so much for my lovley french nail polish and eyebrow threading today, I am seriously impressed how long my nail varnish lasted from last time – 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling is amazing! Threading is sooooo much nicer and much less painful than waxing! Thanks again – will be back soon  x

Sarah Hoggett

Had my eyebrows threaded today for the first time and Liz showed me how to HD my brows. Absolutely love them and always first class, friendly service. Can not recommend enough. Thanks Liz x

Sarah Brown

Hair removal by Elizabeth Smith Beauty. Alternative to eyebrow waxing and plucking with tweezers. It’s also ideal for facial hair removal.

Eyebrow threading – Norwich

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