Damage from high heel shoes to toenail.

Toes today! Previous damage from being stood on by high heel shoes in a nightclub. Full false toenails applied to big toes and shown how to do this at home. The full false nails aren’t made as one size fits all. You need to shape them to your own toenail shape. Doctors have given the all clear on infections but advised to keep really clean today. I am slightly concerned by the lifting of her right toe. However like I said the doctors have sent away samples and it’s clear of any infections. I have told her to do vinegar soaks and apply creams given to her by her doctor. 

In the future, once we are really sure that there is no fungi infections present I have said we can possibly try hard gel application to create a new toenail.

There is such a small amount of natural nail left on the left toe after being stood on with high heels that it will be interesting to know how long the full false toenail lasted. It can simply be glued back into place if it does come off. The right big toe has been damaged by repeated ingrowing toenail operations. This is a very unlucky lady in her 20’s, but hopefully after been shown how to apply the false to toenail today she will be able to create a similar look at home.

For this lady, I charged her by time and she brought with her a full false toenail kit from Boots. As this isn’t a treatment I do on a regular basis I often charge this way by time. The client can then keep the kit and now has the knowledge on how to do this at home, so she can now enjoy wearing sandals for the Summer!

high heels shoes damage
Damage from being stood on with high heel shoes


From Boots
From Boots