A Girl’s Night in?  5 Things to do…


While nights out are an amazing way to live it up and let off steam, sometimes our best memories are created right here at home.  We’ve put together some simple but amazing ideas to get you and your best friends having the time of your life… without stepping a foot outside the home!



  • Finding Balance


We all have those friends who are great to drink and party with, but here’s an idea that can improve your friendship… while strengthening your body and mind!  When you’re over-worked or you’ve played a little too hard, yoga can bring you back to your best.  Take a break from the gossip and opt for some silence together.  Grab your yoga pants and tank, push the coffee table into the corner and get comfy on the living room floor.  Yoga is great alone (especially when there are no witnesses to your less graceful moments) and even better with friends.  Whether you’re a first time Yogi or an experienced practitioner, there are some great resources online that can easily help you achieve a beautiful, healthy glow from the inside out!



  • Youtube Makeup Party



A “Ladies night in” is the perfect time to try bold, new and exciting makeup techniques.  Low stakes and all fun, use Youtube as a resource for thousands of ideas!  Experiment with a soft palette of non-traditional colours, or practice your cat-eye flair.  Try different angles or add the winged effect to widen, lift and make the eyes look younger.  We’ve all been nervous about fake lashes at one time or another.  What better place to experiment than in a safe space with your favourite ladies?  Don’t forget a camera for some social media fun and lasting memories!



  • Slumber Party


Remember the fun, the freedom and endless possibilities of childhood?  Girls of any age deserve the bonding and ritual of the slumber party.  Whip out your favourite onesie and prepare the blanket fort–or should we say cocktail palace?  Binge a tantalising Netflix series or lie on the floor and talk about anything and everything.  But make sure you have the essentials: good food, delicious drinks and your best friends.  Go the hassle-free route and have fresh and delicious food delivered to your door!



  • Crafting



Get crafty with a DIY party.  Decorate mugs and glasses, print and scrapbook your latest holiday photos or repurpose old mason jars for potted flowers.  You are only limited by your imagination!  Check out Pinterest for more ideas.



  • TV and Sip


Sometimes all we need is to snuggle up on the couch with a cold cocktail, a good friend and a great tv show.  Take turns hosting binge-watch parties with a show that you only watch together.  Pop some corn and pop a bottle and you’ll be sure to enjoy every moment!


With just a little preparation and thought, your home can be the perfect destination for an amazing and fun-filled night.  Hosting a ladies night in can be just the right balance of fun and comfort, and a rewarding experience for everyone.  A little planning goes a long way and remember– the goal is to let loose, have fun and enjoy a ladies night in!

Inspired by Shine Media