the orchard at tesco


This month I got asked to product review for Tesco and lucky for us we got fruit and veg. After a quick registration on their website I soon got our first vouchers in the post to purchase the food. Tesco sent us £5. My husband Andy got them from Tesco on my behalf and easily located which ones the vouchers were for. We got potatoes, carrots, pears and parsnips.  All three of the items lasted really well in the fridge. The pears were really delicious and full of flavour.  Well presented and packed well. The carrots and potatoes were used by Andy to make a lovely roast dinner and my daughter and I enjoyed the pears. None of the fruit or veg had any signs of bruising.

Service in Tesco was excellent as always with friendly staff. They have now introduced a hand scanner, which adds up your bill as you go and a second set of self service tills to use them at, there’s never a queue!. So no need to empty trolley for a staff member to scan each item individually any more. This has definitely taken time off our weekly shopping trip.

We already purchase lots of our fruit and veg at Tesco and will continue to do so.

The Orchard at Tesco –

Fresh Harvest Fruit and Veg

We personally always try and buy local, but when you can’t buy local. Tesco fruit and veg is good.

Fruit tesco
Fruit and veg from Tesco
Vouchers arrived!