Styling eyelash extensions

You can create many different styles with individual eyelash extensions. They can be very individual for you. Whether you want a full-on outrageous style or a more natural everyday look. These eyelash extensions are perfect for everyone. They are one extension, isolated and placed on one natural lash. They are often referred to as classic. For more advanced individual eyelash extensions you can apply multiple very fine lashes to one natural lash. These are referred to as volume lashes.

Varying the length of the lashes greatly changes the look of the eyelash extensions. For example, placing longer lashes on the outer corners can give what we call ‘cat flicks’. You can create a really dramatic or very natural look depending on your personality or even event. A lot of women prefer a more dramatic look for their wedding day, so it shows up for the camera.

styles of eyelash extensions
Styling individual eyelash extensions. Ignore my lack of drawing skills!

Audrey Hepburn- sweep of lashes getting bigger to the corners of the eyes
Geisha’s fan. Slightly smaller lashes towards the corners of the eyes.
Cat’s flick – A lot longer lashes in the corners
Elegant – smaller in the middle close to the nose and slightly longer in middle/ corners
Mixed – A pattern of small, medium and longer lashes used.


Also by changing the curl used this can make a dramatic difference. The more curly the eyelash extension the more can be seen from the front. So as you can see from the photo below a C shows more the eyelash extension than a J curl from the front.

Comparing curls in eyelash extensions

The thickness of the lashes also affects the style. I only offer 0.20, 0.15, 0.10 and 0.07 at the moment. Depending on if you choose classic or volume lashes.

Styles of eyelash extensions