Wrist pain is a very common problem with any career where there is a repetitive moment. So it’s no surprise that beauticians who are applying eyelashes for a long length of time suffer from wrist pain. I personally try to never work more than 3 hours without a break, especially if it’s all the same treatment. Sitting still in the same position puts a lot of strain on your body. Here are a few of my tips to avoid pain as well as pins and needles while applying eyelash extensions. Please do comment on this blog with your own advice.

    1. Always use a seat which makes you sit upright. Sit with your elbows in line with the beauty couch. Take your time to get this correct.

2 Wear a stomach band to encourage you to sit up completely straight.

3. Use an exercise ball to increase the muscle strength in your wrist. Which is also great for anyone who has carpal tunnel syndrome. I honestly can’t recommend these exercise balls enough they really do strengthen your muscles. Great for arthritis, rehab etc. It’s great to use in front of the telly and 10 minutes in each hand is all you need.

4. Footstool – helps with posture.

5. Stretch in between and at the end of your appointments.

6. Exercise. Keeping your back muscles and your core strong helps your posture, therefore preventing pain.

7. Angled tweezers – helps with the position of your hand to client’s eyelash extensions.

It’s really important as an eyelash technician to take care of your body, so you can continue to work. If you have any tips on caring for your posture, wrist, health please do comment on this blog post.

Pain in wrist from applying eyelash extensions

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