Aftercare items for eyelash extensions:

Here are a few links to what I believe are essential items for caring for your eyelash extensions. Correct aftercare for your eyelash extensions will mean they will last longer and save you money on infill appointments.

    • Sleep mask to be worn at night. Make sure it’s a 3d sleep mask, so it doesn’t actually touch your eyelash extensions.

    • This foaming bottle is a definite! It’s really important to keep your eyelash extensions clean. I put in these foaming bottles a tiny bit of baby shampoo (oil free) and cooled boiled water. I use a clean make-up brush to wash the lashes with the foam. Rinse with water after cleansing.

    • Oil- free shampoo.
    • Tiny glass dappens dish for foam for washing eyelash extensions.
    • Make-up brush for delicately washing eyelash extensions. Start at the base of the lashes and brush away to the tips.
    • Eyelash brush and brow comb to keep them tidy.
    • Eyelash sealant is to be used to seal your eyelash extensions from oils from your skin and products you use.

  • If you feel you need to use mascara on your eyelash extensions. Please use one designed for lashes. Never use normal mascara as it contains oil and will break down the glue.


Bathroom and skincare items I recommend. 

Here is a few of my favourite items from my bathroom. I personally use these in my own beauty routine.

    • These cleansing facial brush is amazing! It gently exfoliates all the dry skin away on your face leaving you looking fresher and healthier. It really is essential item for my weekly facial treatment.

    • I will only buy OPI nail polish now. It lasts the best for my nails.

    • Cuticle oil is a must for healthy nails. I keep mine next to where I sit at night and apply it every evening. Do take your time to massage it into the cuticle stimulating the blood flow to your nail plate.
    • Driclor is absolutely amazing stuff! I don’t know how healthy it is for your skin as it blocks your sweat glands. I only use it under my arm, but it really does stop me sweating completely under my arms. It is really important to follow the manufacturers instruction with this product as it you use it after shaving it really does sting!! Use with caution.

    • Possibly the best tweezers ever!
    • My facial kit. This has pretty much everything you need is in this kit to keep your skin looking healthy. It is important to always apply moisturiser. Moisturisers lubricate your skin and prevent water loss from your skin. This is your protective barrier!
    • Eye gel


What is in my make-up bag? 

  • Everyone really must be using a primer before applying their make-up now. It’s silicone based creating a film on your skin’s surface it refines the skin’s appearance by minimising pores and fine lines. It also works as a barrier and prevents you from absorbing any make-up products. Don’t be worry about spending more on this item as it lasts for ages as only a tiny bit is needed.