This lovely lady came to see me this month to have her eyebrows shaped. Sadly a few Norwich beauty salons had made her feel unwelcome or told her it would be months until they could get her an appointment. I am more than happy to see any lady at my home-based beauty salon. For shaping men’s eyebrows however I would recommend Waxed Works as they specialize in shaping men’s eyebrows.

It took longer than normal as it was a whole reshape. We had lots to discuss on which shape she was after. She is awaiting hormone treatment as the moment, these hormones she will be taking will hopefully soften her hair and give it more of the qualities that feminine eyebrows have. It will also loosen the facial muscles around her lips to soften them giving them a more feminine look, which is very interesting.

I spent 30 minutes, thinning, threading, tinting and applying a light amount of Bodyshop eyebrow powder (shade 02 available for retail too!) to create this look. I didn’t want to go for the sudden ‘done’ look as I wanted her to get used to the shape and slowly build on it every time she comes to see me. The biggest part of this eyebrow shaping appointment was to take out a lot of the thickness that testosterone gives her.

2015-08-09 20.01.35

After threading, trim, tint and light make-up applied.

2015-08-09 20.02.34

My client really likes the look of Lena Heady who plays Cersei Lannister in Games of thrones. It’s great when the client’s let me know which look they are after, so then I know how to shape their eyebrows. Every lady is different whether it’s thin, arched, thick etc what they are after, so please always let me know. I always go gently gently when shaping any one’s eyebrows. Please bear in mind when looking up celebrities eyebrow shapes that you might not naturally have the same shape as them. It’s like when we all went to the hairdresser in the 90’s asking for the ‘Jennifer Anderson’ look, which only really worked if you had the same thickness as her! Also please reminder that I am awful at knowing which celebrity is which, so always bring a photo on your phone!

Lena Heady who plays Cersei Lannister

At her next appointment, we plan to go through skin care as your skin being your largest organ it so important to take care of. Your skin’s appearance is something people notice first. Everyone really should have a daily routine for caring for your skin.

My client Emma also blogs like me and her blog is EmmaMarch2014

Shaping transgender eyebrows