Semi-permanent make-up in Norwich

Semi-permanent make-up isn’t something I currently offer in Norwich. However, I have put together a list of people who do offer semi-permanent make-up.

What questions to ask before booking semi-permanent make-up

Remember when booking someone to do treatments like semi-permanent make-up you must always ensure they have lots of experience in the field, are correctly trained and qualified with insurance. Also, with this sort of treatment, you must check they have an autoclave sterilizer and are not just disinfecting their tools.  Autoclave’s reach 135 Celsius in temperature and kill things like HIV and Hep B. It’s always best to go with word of mouth and recommendation from someone you know who has had semi-permanent make-up before in Norwich.

If this treatment isn’t done correctly and safety it can cause your skin permanent damage, possible allergic reaction and risk of catching something if sterilization isn’t carried out to a high standard.

Licence needed?

Normally everyone who performs semi-permanent make-up needs a licence from their local city council. However, Norwich has a bylaw which exempts this. I disagree with this and I personally believe they should be treated the same as tattooists. Due to this bylaw it makes it even more important that you check that the salon offering semi-permanent make-up has an autoclave and the have an infection control policy in place.   The list of tattooists is available at City council to check. (as of May 2014)

semi-permanent make-up Norwich

What is Semi-permanent make-up?

“Semi-permanent make-up” isn’t permanent. The colour/ dye is inserted into the dermis layer of the skin, so will fade over time and need touching up. Often beauty salons offer touch-ups at a cheaper price.

This can offer the defined brows look without applying make-up daily. Please ensure the person carrying out the treatment has plenty of shades and lots of photos to show you what look they can create with semi-permanent make-up. Also that they are used to working on your skin tone. It’s always best to have an eyebrow shape in mind before visiting someone to have semi-permanent make-up and stay as close to your natural shape as possible.

Semi-permanent eyeliner is fabulous and gives your eyes an amazing definition. However, I don’t advise going for a flick at the end because in time when your eyes change shape due to ageing the flick will drop and actually make you look older!

Semi-permanent lip outliner can add your lips definition and shape.

Treatments available:

Semi-permanent Beauty Spot
Semi-permanent Bottom Eyeliner
Semi-permanent Both top and bottom eyeliner
Semi-permanent Full eyebrows
Semi-permanent Lip outliner
Semi-permanent Top Eyeliner


eyebrow tattoo Norwich
Eyebrow tattoo in Norwich by Nicola.



B hair and beauty

Dale Evans at the willows

Devine Definitions

Gemma Bee

Katie Rose Semi-Permanent Makeup

Kendall Jarrett – Natural Perfection

Laura Jane Aesthetics in Watton

Nicola at Cold Iron Tattoo   Nicola does eyebrow tattoos. As she works in a tattoo shop their hygiene is of a high standard. 

Pampers beauty centre

PB permanent makeup by Laura Dossett

The cottage hair and beauty

The lawns beauty clinic

Sally Simmons at Perfection skin clinic

Semi-Permanent Makeup by Lauren Spring 

Wake up with makeup by Mandy Rimmer

If you offer semi-permanent make-up in Norwich or have any tips on finding someone, or I haven’t listed you please free to comment below or use the contact page and I can add you to the list of Norwich salons.

semi-permanent make-up Norwich
where to get semi-permanent make-up in Norwich?

Live locally to Norwich and want to book in? Have a look at my price list and contact me by email.

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