Due to popular request, I am taking more before photographs of the eyelash extensions I do.

I’m regularly asked, “what did they look like before fake lashes were applied?” This is a set of  Semi-permanent eyelash extensions using J curl, 0.25 thickness and 11mm/13mm in length.

This lady wanted the full false look with really thick lashes. I normally use 0.20 thickness, which is the mascara look. However I stock 0.07, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25 and 0.30 thickness lashes. However, the longer and thicker you go with your lashes though they harder they are to bond onto your natural lashes. For the best results, you need the ratio of contact with false eyelash extension and natural lash to be similar. The longer you go the less contact with the fake eyelash has with your natural eyelash.

The glue I use is extremely strong, so this length will last. We had a consultation to decide on the right style for her, we decided on J curl as it’s very close to the natural curl of her own lashes, so would bond easier and give them the long length she wanted.  She was over the moon with the results 🙂


before eyelash extensions



after photo eyelash extensions



after photo of eyelash extensions



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