I recently discovered that we were spending close to £500 a month in our supermarket shop each month, which horrified me as it’s only two adults and a 5-year-old! So I have made it our mission now to get this down to around £300 a month. No more mid-week visits to the local shop for red wine!
My supermarket tips:
  • Two big-ish online shops a month. I budget £60/£70 for each one. I do this with Tesco, but open to changing this if someone recommends somewhere cheaper? I use the Tesco app and scan items as I nearly run out of them, so it takes very little effect and no need for paper shopping list now. 
  • Meal plan covering two weeks
  • List everything you normally buy so this can be checked before ordering to keep little shops to a minimum.
  • Make meals that have similar ingredients to each other.
  • Jamie Oliver Save book. We cook loads from this book.

  • Non packaged snacks for kids ( and adults) – carrots, boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, seed/ nuts, fruit etc. It’s awesome in the Summer when the raspberry bush is in fruit in the garden! 
  • Everything is bought on Tesco credit cards for the points and at the end of the month I highlight all the corner shops/ market/ supermarket related trans and work out the total. We never use cash, so it’s easier to add up. 
  • Only alcohol & chocolate twice a week 🙁
  • Don’t have too much food in the house. It’s dead money!
  • Our leftovers I tend to eat for lunch the next day now instead of binning it.
  • Buying more frozen veg than fresh. However, I do prefer fresh.
  • New recipes aren’t allowed more than 3 new items. Andy is a nightmare with this 😉 I have LOADS of random items in the cupboard that I have no idea what they were even for!
  • Putting leftovers in the freezer. So if we use lime in our gin I chop up what is left and that goes into the freezer.
  • Growing berries in the garden.
  • Grow your own herbs. I replant the tiny end bit of garlic in the garden and it grows back! Does anyone know if there is a seed/ plant swapping group in Norwich please?
  • Special offers only on things you will use and need. I only buy washing up liquid now when I see it on offer.
What are your tips? Which supermarket do you think is the cheapest? 
We are rubbish at using coupons. However, we are good at using the Tesco points. It’s currently four times the value on day outs and Pizza express. We buy EVERYTHING we can on the Tesco credit card now for the points. Including when we got our new for our car!
This is very much a working project. I am always looking for more ways to save money.
list of household items we regularly use.


Two weekly meal plan
Fav meal at the top and two weekly meal plan below. If we are having a lazy evening I have waffles in the freezer and just do these with a poached egg or similar.

Comparing supermarkets website: My supermarket 

I used this website, which compares 15 supermarkets and if I switch on this shop I would save £1.23. However, if I switched some items I could save £7.59. I can definitely see me using this website more often. Lidi and Aldi don’t deliver, so this shop I personally think it’s a better idea to stick with Tescos. 51 club card points.


Compares 15 supermarkets.
Money I would save if we switched these items for cheaper ones. Actually not cheaper to swap on vits… must be a problem with website on that item.

The diet green/ orange and red are awesome! It’s Easter coming up, so I have cooking chocolate on our shopping list this month. However, still looks like we are pretty healthy. This is a great feature.  However for us it just says ‘there are no direct swaps’… they suggested swapping chocolate for fruit, but this won’t work well for Jessica’s Easter chocolate nests!

Items in my shopping basket that are high in fat/ sugar.
  • Total shape has a great article on apps to use as a guide to healthy food options when buying food from the supermarket. Comparing Noom and weight watchers.


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Save money on your supermarket shop.