A Reason to eat Chocolate

I am a mum of one little girl and no I have no desire for anymore 4 years of no sleep so far is quite enough but I do have a desire for chocolate. Some days because I want it and then there are the days like today. You know the kind of day where you have worked 12 hours the day before to make not that much, where your boiler is broken so you are cold and quite frankly gross and you have a child who has a radar that goes off as soon as you either sit down to eat or your head hits the pillow. All these joyful series of events left me sat on my sofa after finally wrestling her into school where I’m sure other mums gave me knowing looks as if to say I know you have your pj’s on under your coat blocking out the beautiful sun and contemplating hiding for the next six hours.

It was a good thought I had been up most of the night I had unsuccessfully bled a radiator in the hope of hot water so the thought of shutting the beautiful spring day out seemed quite reasonable. Then I looked in the mirror and saw my tired dehydrated red skin. It had not enjoyed a 5 hour drive and my skin has not enjoyed the fact that it is never going to sleep again so I decided to not waste the day and make myself some chocolate and a beautiful face mask in the hope of not doing the school pick up in the tragic state as this morning.

Now as you may have gathered I am not in the most energetic or organised mood today so these 2 recipes I am about to give you are all about having the maximum effects with the least amount of effort possible.

The first is for my dark chocolate, green tea and goji berry truffles. They are dairy free truffles that are delicious and contain only ingredients that give your skin a beautiful healthy glow so you can have something in your life that doesn’t feel you with guilt.

So in the interest in being a simple as possible put all the ingredients in a Bain Marie together and stir until it reaches 50’c (this is what will give you truffles a beautiful shine. Decant the combined mix into silicone moulds and chill. If you do not have a mould you can half chill the mix, then you or your little one can roll into balls or whatever shape they decide to go for chill and then eat.


226g Dark Chocolate

¼ Cup Coconut Oil

½ vanilla pod (seeds only)

2 tablespoons of Match Green Tea Powder (I love T2 Tea!!)

A handful of Goji Berries chopped

Pinch of sea salt

3 tablespoons of water

As I said just chuck it all in together and stir in a Baine Marie until glossy and combined. Chill and enjoy a treat for your skin.


Whilst I was waiting for my truffle to cool I realised I had not done anything about my increasingly irritated skin so I decided to throw together a little green tea mask to sooth and soften I am not going to lie I didn’t measure it as you can see from the picture but let’s just go with a fireman sam teaspoon of each

Green Tea and Manuka Honey Mask

1 tsp Matcha Green Tea

1tsp Manuka Honey (normal honey will be fine I must have just been feeling fancy at the supermarket)

1 tsp of pro biotic plain yoghurt

¼ tsp of bicarb

Stir all together and leave for 3 minutes stir again and apply to your face leave for enough time to drink the cup of green tea eat lots of your truffles and remove with a warm flannel if you have hot water if not cold seemed to work fine for me.

So I still haven’t managed to face the beautiful spring day but it is ten past 2 and now my skin feels so soft and glowing I really don’t think I have to bother to put on makeup for the school run and I now feel ready to face the wonderful tea and bedtime battles.

Hope you get to enjoy these skin treats

The Skin Chef


Guest blogger – Nikita Hoskin