1. Clean them to remove oils and salts – natural oils build up too. Know your skin type, if you have oily skin this will affect them more. Oils break down the eyelash extension adhesive. Baking soda and baby shampoo is great for keeping them clean. See my previous blog post on how to care for your eyelash extensions.

2. Wear sleep goggles to protect them when you are sleeping. You can buy ‘open-eyed’ ones from Amazon for quite cheap. I am an extremely heavy sleeper and it’s very clear from my eyelash extensions which side I sleep on.

3. Buy sealant to apply to your eyelash extensions to keep oil off the lashes. Available for retail.


Eyelash sealant forms a membrane over the eyelash glue and protects them from oils etc. It comes with a soft brush to apply, so it doesn't damage the eyelash extensions.
Eyelash sealant forms a membrane over the eyelash glue and protects them from oils etc. It comes with a soft brush to apply, so it doesn’t damage the eyelash extensions.

4. Make sure they are really are individual lash extensions and are being applied correctly. Incorrect application with poor aftercare means they might only last a week.

5. Never pick or play with your eyelash extensions.

6. Book regular infills. My diary gets booked up pretty far ahead, so always wise to make sure you have appointments made.

7. Keep away from moisture for 12 hours after having eyelash extensions applied as the glue cures with moisture in the air, not oxygen. Places with high humidity like saunas and spas are to be avoided that day. Although there are mixed views on this depending on your eyelash technician. Once the glue is dry it is waterproof. A similar glue is used in fish tanks and it does cure very fast. The glue cures not dries as it’s a chemical reaction with the moisture in the air.

8. Don’t exercise heavily straight after having lashes applied and avoid letting any sweat from sit on the lashes. Sweat can be oily, so can affect them.

9. Avoid oil-based products around the eyes. This includes some types of eye liner. Oil will break down the glue used to bond the extensions to your natural lashes. Only use a mascara designed for eyelash extensions and only on the tips of the lashes. Best not to use any at all as it’s not gentle to remove. Most normal mascaras contain oils, which will affect the eyelash extension glue. This also includes being careful in the summer of applying sun cream too close to the lashes.

10. Don’t use eyelash curlers on them.

11. Sounds silly, but wear sunglasses if it’s a windy day on the day of your appointment until the glue has completely cured. Also, bring an umbrella!

12. If you have very fair natural eyelashes and tint them. Please don’t do this one the same day as your eyelash extension application. If not every tiny bit of tint is removed it can cause a barrier and the eyelash extensions won’t bond fully to the natural lash. Also I have heard that the tint dehydrates the natural lash slightly and the moisture in the natural lash also helps with the bonding of the eyelash extensions. I have no idea if this statement is correct to be honest, but best to avoid on the same day. Having blonde lashes tinted is a massive help to the eyelash technician as sometimes lashes can almost seem transparent!

13. Eyelash extension glue is soluble in Acetone, Nitromethane or Methylene chloride. Never ever use these products near your eyes. Always seek professional for removal. Avoid mineral oil, vegetable oil, or vaseline jelly as these aids in removal of glue.

14. Healthy diet. You need a good diet for the eyelashes to grow strong and healthy. Poor diet and your natural lashes will fall out sooner. Some medication can also cause hair loss. Thyroid disease affects hair growth too. Also some medical surgeries can cause hair loss. Best to chat to your doctor at a routine appointment prior to paying out for eyelash extensions.

If you have any other tips I would love to hear them. Please comment on the post below.

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