NN Surgical company in Pakistan were kind enough to post me some samples this month to try out and I am extremely happy with their products.

The tweezers have a great point contact, so ideal for eyelash extension application. The ‘volume tweezers’, which are curved are ideal for applying multiple lashes to one natural lash as the surface area of the contact point of tweezers is greater. They are very nicely crafted.

They also posted me some other items brow tweezers, scissors, cuticle clippers. All of these items are well crafted and perfect for their intended job. The brow tweezers are perfect for selling and come in a variety of designs. Again the contact point on the brow tweezers is perfect and great at pulling out small stubborn hairs.

All the items are fully metal so can be sterilized in an autoclave. The painted brow tweezers can’t be sterilized as the paint will come off, but ideal for retail.

I would recommend these products to any beauty salon.


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