New CID Cosmetics i – flutter Mascara – Black 8ml

RRP £18.50

I picked up this mascara at a recent event at Imagine Blofield in Norfolk. They had an evening organised with CID cosmetics to demonstrate how make-up should be applied, with lots of helpful tips. The evening was £20 and it included use of the spa. They also a nice add on of £10 off any products you bought on the night. Imagine spa do many of these nights and I highly recommend them. CID make-up is available for retail at their spa.

I am really loving this mascara as it’s not a heavy mascara, it goes on in layers. They recommend two or three light applications instead of one thick gloopy application leaving a little drying time in between applying the i-flutter mascara layers. It isn’t like many mascaras where you have to swipe the excess off on the side of the tube before using it. This i-flutter mascara goes on lightly and it’s drier so clings to each natural eyelash really well. I personally found I got the best results after using it a few times, so I got used to applying it.  Best way to apply is with zigzag motion across your lashes. The mascara lasts all day and seems semi-waterproof, but still easy to remove at the end of the day. There are no clumps with this mascara. As it’s only semi-waterproof you do need to check for the odd bit that doesn’t stay in place all day sadly.

The packing is very appealing and they have obviously spent a great deal of time and money on their branding and marketing. The i-flutter mascara comes in a very stylish silver tube in a neat white box. The logo is very slick. Personally I don’t like that it’s called i-flutter as it’s a pet hate of mine to name everything ‘i’ something… just a bit too Apple for me.

My friend Emma bought a lip gloss, tint and some other bits from them. All their products are fantastic, but it’s not a make-up range for you if you are on a budget. It’s very easy to spend a small fortune. Their lip gloss comes with a handy torch to make application when you are out easier. However the price does reflect this.

CID Cosmetics i – flutter Mascara
CID mascara
The brush!




Made in Italy. 12 months to use the product once opened.

Product review by bblogger Elizabeth Smith Beauty. I have taken no payment to do this blog review. All thoughts are my own. I would love to know your thoughts on the i-flutter mascara if you have tried it too.