I am writing another article for Iceni magazine and thought I’d post my draft of it as a blog as well:

Poorly done eyelash extensions to maximize profit

I work from home running my own beauty business in Norwich called Elizabeth Smith Beauty. One of the main treatments I offer is eyelash extensions. These are fabulous and bring my clients confidence by opening up their eyes and eliminate the need for daily application of mascara.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are individually bonded to each of your natural eyelashes by isolating one by one of your lashes and 100% bonding the extension to your lash keeping it 2mm from the eye lid and using minimal glue to avoid any irritation and making them feel completely light weight. Your natural eyelashes fall out on average of 90 days, so eyelash extensions do need infilling every 2-3 weeks, with the glue I use most of my clients last 3 weeks. If you’ve had eyelash extensions and look at one of your lashes when they do fall out, you’ll be bale to see that the extension is placed on a single eyelash and should have so little glue that it can’t be seen.

Unfortunately I have seen many cases where this isn’t the case and the client is told that individual eyelash extensions just means individual extensions, not individually bonded to each lash, this means they can do the application faster but take less care and infills are needed more often. This is damaging to your natural eyelashes as the excess glue puts extra weight on them and the eyelash extensions come out in clumps pulling out some of your natural lashes with them. Sadly in this case I am normally unable to infill them and have to remove them all starting again, it can also mean that even with extensions your lashes won’t look as full as they could, as there are less natural lashes for me to bond the extensions to.

I write an active blog on the treatments I offer and upload many photographs. Please feel free to check out my website and call/email me any question you may have.

Elizabeth Smith Beauty

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These eyelash extensions were badly done in Norwich. Please note how many fake eyelash extensions are glued on one or two natural lashes. These haven’t been individually isolated while doing the application.

damaged eyelashes










eyelash extensions silver road norwich
This is the end result after I done her eyelash extensions. The client is now able to brush them daily and keep them clean. After a few months her natural eyelashes will recover and I will be able to create a fuller look.