Chloe Smith MP of Norwich North labour has informed me that Norfolk county council are providing a free workshop on domestic abuse for hairdressers & beauticians whether violent or verbal, it’s good to recognise the signs. I am planning on going along to this event. Who else is going?

Please email  to book your place.

domestic violence Norwich


Norwich domestic training for hairdressers and beauticians

Norwich domestic training for hairdressers and beauticians.


Points I took home.

Ref –
Told to make victim feel loved and needed. They aren’t worthless.
Don’t put down the perpetrator. Just concentrate on victim.
On average they will go back to him/her 7 times.
Be patient!
Make sure it’s safe to leave. Get help first.
Perpetrator needs special help. Not anger management.
76% of women were killed by their ex- partner within first year of separation. Make sure it’s safe before saying “leave him” Jan 2009 to Dec 2015.