How Massage got rid of my stubborn Cellulite

I am lucky myself my mum gave me good genes where I have pretty much been a size 10 my entire adult life without having to put much effort into it. Yes, being a massage therapist means I am on my feet all day and if I tempt you into trying one my Cellulite Busting massages you will find out I get some exercise but I have always suffered with cellulite.

Many people believe that if you are slim that you do not have to worry about such problems but cellulite can hit anyone no matter of their size and shape as it is caused by a toxin build up in the body. I know from experience the knock on someone’s confidence having cellulite can cause so I decided in my early 20’s to get rid of it.

First thing I tried was every cream under the sun and although most did absolutely nothing no matter how religious I was with my application the Bliss cream lovingly named “Fat Girl Sleep” was the best of the bunch for me.


So, the easy route of creams was not working for me but I was 23 and wanted to wear short dresses to go out and dance the night away in so I looked for my next solution. It was pointed out to me that perhaps my caffeine and alcohol intake was slightly too high back then and that could be the cause of those annoying dimples appearing in my thighs. I decided to detox full blown clean eating cellulite busting diet began straight away. I drew up a 2-week detox plan with plenty of green vegetables and food rich in lecithin such as kale, eggs, peanuts and apples. I added in only essential fatty acid foods such as linseed, hempseed and oily fish which all improve tissue hydration and made sure to eat lots of diuretics which I learnt are great for fighting cellulite. Great diuretic foods are cucumbers, celery, asparagus and onions. Finally, I of cause cut out caffeine, alcohol and any other toxins. Back then I didn’t realise the affect that gluten and dairy had on my body although I am not allergic to it in any way I always cut these two food sources out of my diet whenever I do a detox now.


This had a great effect on my skin and my whole wellbeing although it was hard it was worth it but there was still this last bit of pesky cellulite that would not budge.

I had been using a brush daily and working it in sweeping movements up towards my heart and thought why don’t I take this one step further and create a daily massage routine designed to drain the toxins from my body and finally get rid of this cellulite. My massage techniques included:


  • Deep upward Effleurage movements
  • Knuckling
  • Wringing Massage
  • The “s” Massage
  • Tapotement Massage

These techniques I used to target the areas affected by cellulite to break up the fat deposits and aid the body’s lymphatic system to get rid of them quickly and efficiently.

I soon saw results!! Finally, something that worked after trying everything else I was very happy and eager to share with my customers so I developed my cellulite busting massage treatments and have had a 100% success rate for every client who has tried it so far.

My cellulite busting massage it an hour long and I usually recommend a course of 6 for best results. With your course, you receive a 4-month meal plan designed to rid your body of toxins and get rid of that pesky cellulite. The treatment not only gives fantastic results but is truly luxurious and leaves you skin soft and glowing plus it includes a relaxation massage at the end so you get the full holistic experience and leave floating.

If you would like to get yourself a cellulite busting massage to see the results for yourself, please head over to and either book online or give me a call to ask any questions about any of the Bespoke Massage Therapies I provide.

Blog post by Nikita Hoskin

I am a mobile massage therapist that graduated from the world renowned Yorkshire College of Beauty 10 years ago. Gaining distinctions in international qualifications CIDESCO,CIBTAC and ITEC offers a very unique experience.
Trained in a variety of world massage techniques and sports massage will mean no appointment will be the same. A consultation will be given on top of you treatment each session ensuring you get exactly what you need and not a routine procedure. 
This ensures if you have a muscle problem or sports injury it will be eliminated as quickly as possible. 
With years of experience working with brands such as Elemis, Dermalogica, Espa and Jo Malone I can provide complete luxury and relaxation in every way throughout your treatments.
I bring this luxury and pain relief right to your doorstep.

Nikita Hoskin massage therapist
Nikita Hoskin massage therapist in Norwich.

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