The evening started in the most perfect way with a glass of champagne with a strawberry flowing in it, accompanied by a cupcake from Biddy’s tea rooms just around the corner. Neal’s Yard‘s shop has a really good feel about it. When you walk in you are instantly hit by the lovely aromatherapy humidifier next to the door helping to create a relaxing environment. One of the members of staff had been there 6 years, so knew all the products inside out.



Small talk from one of the organisers on the companies ethics etc. Read more about all that on their website. They really do care about where they source their products. It’s great to have organic natural products available in Norwich.


Neal’s Yard has their classic blue bottles, but to be honest it makes the shop a little overwhelming as everything starts to looks very similar. One of the bottles was described as a ‘Frankincense Intense Concentrate‘, which when I asked a member of staff what it was, turned out to be a skin serum. For me, it needs to be a little bit clearer. This skin serum is one of their new products and priced at £65 for 30ml. Boasts to show results in just 7 days on their website. They do have a wide variety of products to suit all budgets.

Siobhan from unexpected geek blog picked up a hair treatment to purchase and I am really interested in hearing how she got on it with. I have tried many hair treatments and never been happy.

Make-up range
New products
Amazing humidifier!













Men’s selection of natural products













Followed by a 20-minute massage of my choice by Adam Thomas. Neal’s Yard has therapy rooms upstairs and offers pretty much every holistic treatment going! It was really lovely chatting to Adam about stress and the importance of taking ‘me time’. Adam believes is solving the source of the problem instead of just trying to fix the problem. So for me the stress (and enjoy!) of getting married this year, moving house, Jessica starting pre-school, studying, finding tenants etc needs to all calm down before I can properly relax and even enjoy ‘me-time’! The knots in your back are just going to keep coming back until you decide to make changes in your life. Lucky for me everything in my life is organically calming down without me having to do anything.

Therapy room

Now feeling super relaxed and inspired by Adam to de-stress our day to day lives we went off for a lovely meal at the Belgian Monk with my Neal’s Yard goodie bag. Belgian Monk is always a safe bet as it never fails to be great! Except for their front door, which too many people leave open and we could only get a sit in front of it. To be fair the staff closed it every time within about 30 seconds. They must be so fed up of doing that!

This morning I tried out the bathing range I got in my goodie bag and it was divine! My whole house now smells of herbal aromatherapy oils. The bubbles from the bubble bath sadly disappeared quickly, however the scent definitely got me relaxed. The lotion which accompanied the foaming bubble bath is lovely and reminds me of relaxing spas. By the end of the day, I can still smell the cream on my arms. My little 3-year-old Jessica informed me that I smelt of Rosemary from the garden.

Goodie bag



Neal’s Yard in Norwich