On a previous blog post ( natural look eyelash extensions ) I told you about this lady who came in for natural looking eyelash extensions. She asked for something that just thickened what she already has, so she can just get up and walk the dogs without having to apply any make-up. So in this blog post, I wanted to update you on how she is getting on.

At the infills appointment, I got some amazing feedback from her and she has been recommending me to lots of her friends 🙂 She was surprised by how lightweight and comfortable the natural look eyelash extensions are. You really don’t feel them at all as they don’t touch your eyelids.

They are individually bonded to each of your natural eyelashes so there’s no rubbing or irritation. She is loving the no fuss of really needing to maintain them and just able to get up and go. I advised her to make sure she keeps them clean and brushes them.

She has an extremely busy lifestyle, so finding these fantastic. No worry of panda eyes at the end of a hot day, just perfect looking thick natural lashes. She highly recommends natural look eyelash extensions to someone who wants to look good and feel confident who doesn’t have the time to worry about applying their own mascara/ lashes every day.


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