Shellac gel polish is fab! It sets under a UV light and is no chip or peel for around 15 days. It’s an American gel polish and they were the first company to create this product. I have lots of their colours in, but it would cost a small fortune to stock every shade! Which is why I love Shellac because it gives you the option to create new colours by mixing two or more colours together. Today I mixed a deep purple (grape gum) and white (studio white) together to create a lovely light purple. It reminded us of parma violets as a kid! They came in every single child’s goody bag. This colour is a great Summer colour. I personally tend to have lighter colours in the Summer and darker colours come Autumn.

To create new Shellac gel polish by mixing colours I placed one drop of grape gum and one drop of studio white onto the nail and then used a clean nail brush to mix the colours on the nail. I was extremely careful to make sure I did the mixing a ratio of 1:1, so all the nails looked the same colour. By doing it this way I got a very clear pigmentation colour, which created this lovely new Shellac shade. I chose to mix it directly on the client’s nail bed to reduce the amount of wasted Shellac gel polish.

With this in mind, you could also add different coloured glitter to gel polish to create even more variety.

mixing Shellac gel polish colours

The other way to create new colours with Shellac gel polish is to layer the colours. However this way doesn’t give as even pigmentation for me. I like both methods. It’s just a matter of preference. Layering was far faster than mixing the gels on the nail bed.

layering shellac

Creating new Shellac gel polish colours