Milia removal in Norwich beauty salon

As part of my deluxe facial treatment, I can offer very basic milia removal. During my deluxe facial treatment, the skin is warmed to open the pores making milia removal safe without leaving scarring. Never attempt to do milia removal without warming the skin first. My deluxe facial treatment can be customised to suit the needs of everyone. If you have more milia or condones (blackheads) I can simply do less massage and concentrate more time on warming the skin with a professional steamer and milia extraction. I don’t charge extra for removing milia it’s all part of the deluxe facial treatment. Facial treatments are by far my favourite treatment to receive. It’s so important to have healthy skin as it’s the first thing people often notice. Poor skin like acne and blackheads can really affect your confidence. I can give advice on how to create your own daily facial routine. It’s very important to do this alongside a healthy diet. Many people drink less water than they should.

Millium removal is done by warming the skin first and then using a milia extractor to pierce the epidermis layer of the skin to allow the milia to be gently pushed out by applying pressure with the milia extractor. All my instruments are sterilized in a glass bead sterilizer, which reaches 134′. I am a trained dental nurse, so I fully understand how important cross-infection control is to prevent the passing on of diseases.

Milia appearance is a small, hard, pearly white cyst. These are not at all infectious. Its keratinisation of the skin over the hair follicle, causing sebum to accumulate in the hair follicle. This condition usually happens with dry skin.

millia removal in Norwich
Before milia removal in Norwich. Part of a facial treatment.
After basic milia removal in Norwich
Taken at brow appointment 2 weeks after Milia removal.

Milia removal in Norwich

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