‘me-time’ therapy in Norwich for ladies

A few months ago a lady came back into my beauty salon in Norwich and said something that made me stop and think. She was having an argument with her husband and he said to her “oh just go get your nails done by Liz”. This really got me thinking, long gone are the days of having your nails done by some orange fake tan eighteen-year-old beautician who hardly chats to you. At my salon I make people feel relaxed, a place to vent your problems and you go home stress-free. I respect my clients and everything is kept confidential.


Today I did a pamper party for a group of ladies that hosted the party for a dear friend of theirs that is going through chemotherapy after recently finding a lump. We decided on an afternoon, in case she got too tired. It was fab and such good fun. Lovely to see all the ladies giggling and gossiping. It was such a special way of bringing everyone together. I went to her house for this and the host provided lots of yummy treats for the guests.

My aim isn’t just to do people’s nails, but to provide a service break the stereotype of what beauty salons used to be.

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