Massage treatments in Norwich- Where to book

Massage is not only a great way to relax but also essential for people who suffer from back pains whether it’s due to an accident or stress. Often bad habits can cause pains, for example, carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder or not sitting correctly at your computer desk. I would always advise seeing a specialist who can give you advise you on how to care for your body.

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I no longer offer Swedish or any other type of massage at my Norwich beauty salon. However, as part of a facial treatment I include face, head and shoulder massage. I absolutely love a facial treatment it really calms me down as well as leaving my skin looking great.

Recommendations for massage

I have put a list together of a few Norwich and outer Norfolk masseuses below:

If you would like to recommend someone to be added to this list please feel free to comment on the post. It’s always great to have more recommendations especially if they have helped relieve you from pain.

When pregnant, massages can be adjusted to work around the bump. Many doctors don’t advise massage in your first trimester of pregnancy. For pregnancy massages, I always hear the same name being recommended and that is the lovely Jackie Heffer-Cooke from the Orange Grove. Jackie is great for de-stressing you during pregnancy and helping with those aches and pains associated with carrying the extra weight.

Massage for pain relief

If you are in pain or have been in an accident within the last 6 months many beauticians will request a note from your doctor to say it’s OK to treat the affected muscles.

If you are suffering from extreme aches and pains or have a specific injury you are trying to treat then I would recommend seeing a sports massage therapist who specialises in this on advice from the doctors. These therapists have had a lot more training, so therefore charge more than beauty salons and day spas.

I highly recommend a day spa as well as you get use of the hot tub and steam rooms. I always come away extremely relaxed. The essential oils they use are amazing and leave me completely relaxed!

massage norwich

Osteopaths in Norwich:

I personally used to see Martin Booth the osteopath at the Norfolk clinic for any pains. He was very professional and normally gets me out of pain within a couple of appointments. He never tried to sell packages of treatments and aims to get you out of pain with as few appointments as necessary. He is retired now sadly. However, his daughter Verity also works there and I have heard amazing things about her too. They have a great team of people there now offering all sorts of treatments. An osteopath is more expensive than a sports massage and is aimed at people in pain. Osteopaths do little adjustments to your joints and you often hear them click!

Other osteopaths I recommend are Felicity Hancock who is Norwich based and Olly Bell based in Aylsham, Norfolk.


massage norfolk
Deep tissue treatment.

Long term treatment

It is adviced that you strengthen your muscles and joints. I hear amazing things about pilates classes. The NHS recommends at least twice a week doing some sort of exercise.

Live locally to Norwich and want to book in? Have a look at my price list and contact me by email.

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