Every client I see has a different design for their eyelash extensions, so it’s important to map them. Mapping eyelash extensions make it a lot easier for the eyelash technical when doing more complex designs. For example 5 different lengths for just one person. See my previous post on different styles available.

I personally normally split eyelashes up into 3 selections. So before applying eyelash extensions pads, I write the clients requirements on the pad. I also put two cuts into the pad, so it gives it more freedom to be individual. The under eye pads sadly only come in one design, so by cutting two slits in them gives them slightly more flexibility. Therefore it’s more comfortable for the client and fit better.

By mapping eyelash extensions out on the pads it prevents you from forgetting their design or having to keep looking at your notes. I also have the eyelash extensions strips on the back of my hand in length order. Smallest at the top.



eyelash extensions holder
Set-up of eyelash extensions on the back of my hand for speed when applying individual eyelash extensions,.

Mapping individual eyelash extensions