TV Advertisement

This week I spent Friday morning at JMS Group in Hethersett doing very natural manicures for Anglian Home Improvements new TV ad.

The hand models had various roles they had to play like an architect rolling over the mouse on the laptop, a sales person flicking pages on iPad and a customer drawing out a sketch for some work to be done. Their hands were going to be clearly visible in the advert so had to look perfect.

We decided on clear polish for the ladies and a cuticle tidy up for the men, using vivid colours might have taken attention away from the graphics on iPad. JMS Group does hundreds of adverts, on both tv and radio, for various companies throughout the UK. They’re an extremely professional company to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Looking forward to the ad going live and hope to work with them again in the future 🙂


nails norwich
Louie at Anglian home improvements having his nails done for TV ad – Norwich


JMS Norwich TV ad


anglian home improvements TV ad