Why are my eyelash extensions are coming out without the natural lash attached?

  • If this happens within 3 days of your eyelash appointment as a general rule of thumb it’s a bonding issue. There was probably oil on your natural lashes from your skin or from products you use, which wasn’t fully cleaned off before application. People with oily skin need extra preparation before applying lashes. Eyelash technicians can use a primer, which is alcohol based to strip the natural eyelash of any oils naturally built up on your lashes so it’s a nice clean application. If anything is left on your natural eyelashes like tint, oil, make-up remover etc it will cause a barrier and the eyelash extensions will simply come off in the first 3 days.
  • Getting them wet straight after your appointment can cause them to fall off early. Please read aftercare given to you carefully.

lose individual eyelash extensions

  • Retention: Sleeping on the eyelash extensions too heavy or generally being heavy handed with them can cause them to come out. It seems at the moment best practice for applying eyelash extensions is to just have them attached at the base with as little glue as possible to allow them to move. Less is more with eyelash extension glue! If you bond the eyelash extension all the way up the natural lash it doesn’t allow much flexibility. It’s important that the client tries not to put too much strain on this bond. The glue is very strong, but please don’t sleep heavily on the lashes or use eyelash curlers etc on them.

Just imagine a paper clip being bent back and forth, eventually it will break. Same with the lashes if you bend the extensions back and forth in your sleep eventually they will come off the natural lash.



  • Oils breaking down the glue.

Our eyelash extension glue is similar to the hospitals’ glue they use to glue people back together and the same aftercare applies. Oil breaks down the chemical compound of the glue causing the eyelash extensions to come off before they are ready.

eyelash extension glue

  • In the ideal world, this is what you want to see. Eyelash extensions coming off singularly with the extension attached. These are volume lashes, so have 2 extensions on one natural lash.

natural lashes with extension

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Eyelash extensions coming out without natural lash attached

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