We are just back from a long weekend in Germany. We stayed with my friend Francie who I had met while scuba diving in Australia. Francie kindly put us up for a few days, so we only had the flights to pay for. I have been very lucky to meet lots of amazing people on my travels around the world.

Leipzig in Germany was absolutely lovely and great to recharge the batteries after doing loads of wedding packages recently at my Norwich beauty salon. Lots of eyelash extensions and gel nails for their big days! Summer months are always really busy with holidays and brides. I am currently booked up 3 to 4 weeks ahead.

In Germany, we enjoyed great food – including pork knuckle, sauerkraut and Leipzig Larks. We visited Leipzig zoo, went to Dresden for the day, took Jessica on her first horse ride and tram ride and a few lovely evenings out while Jessica slept in the pushchair allowing us to enjoy a stress-free meal.

Dresden was absolutely beautiful. We explored the old part of the city and the buildings were stunning. Nice easy day trip from Leipzig and the train service was brilliant. We took our Nexus tablet and downloaded an offline map to help us find our way!  Enjoyed ice cream & coffee in the old squares and Jessica loved playing with the water fountains hehe.

The only really stressful part of the journey was the National express bus on the way home. We took Jessica’s car seat and the driver on the way out was extremely helpful and asked people to move, so we could sit in the wider seats, but the driver on our return journey to Norwich from Standard airport at 1 am was awful. He suggested that we hold Jessica for the 3-hour trip because we hadn’t booked her in, which we clearly had and then watched us struggle to get the car seat into a normal seat which clearly it didn’t fit as her feet were touching the seat in front. In the end, I had to ask someone to swap with us who had more leg room near the rear fire exit seats. Last thing we wanted at 1 am in the morning! The taxi from the bus station to home also suggested that we hold her instead! grr only takes me 2 minutes to fit the car seat!

Germany 2013 Dresden 2013 Germany Dresden Germany 2013 Dresden Germany