Guest blog -Andy Dane

As it was Lizzie’s birthday on the 2nd January, I thought I’d treat her to a night away somewhere nice, where we could both chill out, eat good food and just generally relax.

We didn’t want to go far, as we only wanted to leave Jessica with the grandparents for one night, so we did a bit of research and in the end, settled on The Pigs in Edgefield, near Holt. The rooms looked amazing, massive bath, huge bed, our own personal sauna and an enclosed garden complete with fire pit. The Pigs looked perfect for what we wanted.

So I booked the room at The Pigs for 2nd Jan, complete with a bottle of Taittinger Brut Reserve to celebrate with and off we went.

The rooms at The Pigs

First impressions of The Pigs were amazing, the room was glorious, champagne waiting for us in an ice bucket, the bed was enormous, lovely deep bath, a cafetiere instead of the usual instant coffee in hotels, and as promised, our own personal Sauna. The outside garden area was different than in the photos, but still lovely, opening out onto fields to the back of the hotel. The enclosed gardens at The Pigs appear to face the car-park, and I think in future, we might request one of those. The roads around The Pigs are quiet enough for it to not be an issue, especially at night. I also think that it would feel a little more “private” and we wouldn’t feel the need to wear a swimsuit if the rear blinds were open and we wanted a bath, which is what we did this time, just in case someone else that was staying wandered in front of the doors. The little outside area we had opened out to where there were some picnic tables, but other guests staying at The Pigs could wander in front of the patio doors into your sauna room. Although, I’m not sure that they actually would.

The fire-pit was nice, and the chairs comfortable, but, fire-wood wasn’t included and seemed quite pricey at £15 a basket, something which wasn’t mentioned on The Pigs’ website. If the weather had been nicer, we may well have been tempted, but as it was, we decided to just chill out in the room and make use of the sauna and bath rather than spend the extra on firewood. Included, though, were fire starters, marshmallows and scented oils for the sauna water. So all in all, still a good experience, and it may well be in the small print somewhere that firewood isn’t included, and we’ll know in advance if we do visit The Pigs again.

After a few hours flitting between the bath, drench shower, and sauna, we got ready and headed down for dinner. We both got dressed up for it, but more because we don’t very often, rather than that we felt the need to. The atmosphere in The Pigs’s restaurant is very relaxed, I think anyone would feel welcome there, kids are well catered for as well, I imagine we’ll make a return visit to The Pigs with Jessica at some point in the future.

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The food at The Pigs

The food was, as I’d hoped, amazing. We had Binham Blue, celeriac and hazelnut croquettes with plum chutney as one Iffit (think Norfolk Tapas) as a starter, along with cauliflower fritters served with colonial spiced dip. Both were very light, full of flavour and great to whet the appetite for the main courses.

starter at The Pigs


I had the Venison, served with peppered sprouts, roast squash and garlic mash, with a port and red wine reduction to finish it off. It was all cooked to perfection, the venison just melted in your mouth, couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Venison at The Pigs
Andy’s Venison


Although, I have to say I was equally tempted by what Lizzie had chosen, the skirt steak, slow roast tomato, watercress, Binham Blue butter and chips cooked in beef dripping. It looked amazing, and we swapped a bit of meat with each other and the steak tasted as good as it looked! I’ve never tried skirt steak before, but I think it had more flavour in it than any steak I’ve tried before, I think I might have already decided what I’m having next time I go there 🙂

Skirt steak at the pigs
Lizzie’s Skirt Steak

Afterwards, we shared three cheeses, although you’ll have to forgive me as I have no idea what they were! I assume that the blue cheese was the Binham Blue, and I’m reasonably sure one of them was Smoked Dapple, but I’m not sure what the white cheese was. But they all went together brilliantly, the cheese biscuits they came with added to the flavour, along with apple, grapes and celery, which is usual with a cheeseboard. But the addition of a sweet scone set it off perfectly.

Cheeseboard at the pigs

After the meal we trotted off back to our room with what was left in our bottle of wine and got a well needed good nights sleep, although the huge bed turned out to be two beds and two mattresses pushed together, so while still massive and still very comfortable, not quite “perfect” and the only other thing I could possibly pick the place up on was that a lot of the glasses in the restaurant seemed to be water-stained. But the champagne flutes that were in our room were pristine. It might seem picky, and we might not have noticed it if everything else at The Pigs hadn’t been so perfect.

The food at breakfast was equally as good, I went for the “The Pigs 15 Mile Breakfast on Toast” which was probably more food than I needed, but I still ate it all, it was too good not to! Bacon, black pudding, double yolk egg, smoked bbq beans and a sausage served on a piece of toast. With a buffet of fruit, croissants, fruit juices and coffee to finish it all off. Lizzie went for the Norfolk Rarebit and seemed to enjoy that just as much as I’d enjoyed mine.

Final thoughts on our stay at The Pigs

So if you want a luxurious night away somewhere in Norfolk, or just a fantastic meal, I can now definitely recommend The Pigs.

Apologies for the quality of the food photos, but I only had my phone camera to hand!

We’re now seriously thinking about booking a night at The Pigs, Edgefield, Norfolk for the first night of our honeymoon in June, before jetting off somewhere as a family.

If you are visiting with kids, then there’s plenty at The Pigs to keep them entertained. Not only do The Pigs have a great kids menu, they also have an outside play area, built by the creators of Be WILDerwood to keep the little ones entertained.

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