Eyelash lift Norwich

Your own natural lashes lifted with a perming solution.

About eyelash lift 

An eyelash lift is a procedure where you lift your own eyelashes and then set them with a perming solution from the root. The lift has evolved from the eyelash perm. They both use the same chemicals to change your natural lashes, however, where a perm would use a roller, a lift uses a silicon shield, that doesn’t curl your lashes, simply lifts them. The lash lift is a more modern look from the over curled perm that used to be very popular, and there are different shields available depending on how dramatic a look you would like. At my Norwich salon I currently only have the shields.


This gives your lashes a longer, thicker, fuller look emphasizing this from the front as it makes your eyelashes more visible from that angle. The eyelash lift lasts around 4-6 weeks before your natural lashes grow out and fall out as normal. Your natural eyelashes grow for on average 3 to 6 weeks with resting stage of 3-4 months. This is a faster life-cycle than the hairs on your head, which is around 3-5 years. The treatment is recommended every 4-6 weeks because not all the growth cycles are in synchronization.

Suited for

This is ideal for swimmers or people who don’t want eyelash extensions or wear mascara daily. However, repeat exposure to chemicals such as chlorine in the pool water or heat for spa treatments might cause the lift to drop prematurely. It’s extremely popular treatment in Norwich.

Eyelash lift

£32/ 1 hour
  • Eyelash lift.

Eyelash tint

£15/ 30 minutes
  • Eyelash tint/ dye.
eyelash lift
before and after lash lift

Optional extra

For some clients with fair natural eyelashes, I would recommend booking an eyelash tint as well. This isn’t needed for everyone. A tint is available in black or brown depending on what look you are going for. To read more about tinting go to the tinting page on the menu.

Eyelash lift product brands

I use the brand salon system. There are loads of different brands available including LVL lashes, Lash fx, flirties and Lashbase. All the brands work on the same system of perming, setting and nurturing eyelashes.

Different silicone eyelid shields are available to create various lifts/ curls.

Aftercare for eyelash lift

  • Avoid mascara for 8 hours
  • Avoid steam or hot shower for 24 hours (relaxes perm and could drop)
  • Don’t rub eyes
  • Use nourishing lotion on your lashes after perming like caster oil.
  • Rebook for 4-6 weeks for your next eyelash lift.
  • At my Norwich salon you get a printed aftercare sheet with every appointment you book.

Lizzie did a brilliant job on my eyelashes when she permed them. She was gentle and they were lifted for weeks! Highly recommend.

Freya Pedley- Norwich

Liz is a lovely, friendly and very professional beautician. She always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. I’m always really happy with the end result and would recommend Liz without any hesitation.

Kelly Palmer- Norwich

Lovely knowledgeable lady, cosy atmosphere, offering very good value services and would definitely recommend for the lash lift and tint…im so pleased with results

Sharon Lee- Norwich