Claire Bunton Norfolk’s image consultant gave me a long and extremely in-depth colour analysis this week and it was fabulous. Claire uses the most precise method of colour analysis there is and instead of just being one of 4 seasons, you will find out your precise colour pattern which is one of 48 colour patterns. She really looks at you as an individual and strongly believes you can’t be put in one of four groups.

Claire placed me in front of a mirror and over the period of the morning placed different fabrics in front of me checking if I am bright or muted, warm or cold… so many different things I can’t even blog about them! It does feel a little overwhelming, but Claire was extremely patient with me and explained each stage. I never would have believed there was so much to do and how much difference it actually makes.  I love wearing black and Claire would never dream of saying you can’t wear something. She is super positive and suggests what would look good, doesn’t dwell on negatives. However when she placed the warm shades on my chest they instantly casting shadows all over my face making me look dull and old. Even giving a double chin effect (arghhh). I was really surprised by how unflattering some of the colours are on me. It was nice that my natural instinct was to pick muted colours as these did suit me well. However I do have a tendency to be attracted to warm colours, which contain pigments of yellow. Warm shades really don’t compliment my fair complexion sadly. However cool colours, containing pigments of blue complement me lovely and make my skin look younger. Which is a must now I am the other side of 30! haha

Claire gives all her clients a business card size colour swatch to take home with their colours on it. Followed up by an in-depth bible by email covering everything we discussed today. This is an invaluable tool for going shopping. I now know to head for romantic style (from the previous appointment) with muted, cool colours. The idea of wearing ‘bright colours’ always used to feel a little overwhelming and out of my comfort zone, however the cool and muted colours Claire suggested sit really well with me and I am now really excited about my next shopping trip with this new wealth of information. Which colours suit your own complexion isn’t a matter of opinion, it is factual. Claire will suggest ways you can still wear your favourite colours, so don’t panic! One of the many tips she gave me was not to wear your opposite colours near your face/ skin. So for example I love black, but it doesn’t actually suit me. However, I can break this up with a coloured scarf of my matched colours around my neck. Alternatively using your favourite colour that doesn’t suit you in clothing about your home instead. Claire covers everything in this consultation from which jewellery you should be wearing (brushed silver for me) to what hair colour is best (cool tones for me). It’s amazing how strong the media is in brainwashing everyone in thinking black is the most flattering colour, when in fact if you don’t have the right complexion for it it can actually add weight and years to you.

I don’t want to go on too much about the consultation because it’s individual for everyone. However if you find that sometimes when you look in the mirror you look flat and not feeling the best you can. Then I really can’t recommend Claire’s colour analysis enough. It’s not just about what colours look good on you it’s about boosting your confidence and being the best you can be.

Claire has sooo many fabrics!
Doing through the qualities of colour with Claire Bunton image consultant.
colour analysis in Norwich
Claire takes notes throughout your colour consultation, so she can write up your colour bible for you to keep.
cool muted colours
My cool muted colours are my new wardrobe!
bright fabric colours
The bright colours!
wallet size colour card
Wallet size colour card I can take with me to the shops. I am the one of the left cool muted colours.
coloured fabric swaps for image consultations
Comparing colours.
white, ivory or cream
White, ivory or cream.. which one are you? I am ivory.
colour swaps
Claire’s colour swaps she sells to aid you in shopping after your image analysis appointment.


Colour analysis in Norfolk by Claire Bunton.

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