I know this can be a very sensitive subject, overweight customers. We all come in different shapes and sizes, so I want to be able to provide the best treatments for everyone. It can be an extremely sensitive subject and no one wants to embarrass anyone, so I have written this blog to share ideas on the best way of handing this sensitive subject of client’s weight in a respectful way and to prevent anyone from getting hurt or equipment broken. Please feel free to comment directly on this post with respectful comments. Any unkind comments won’t be approved.

  • Never ask a client their weight in a public area where people can over hear.
  • State your equipment weight load on your info sheet you send all new clients. If you don’t send one, then start sending one! I have things like where to park etc, to remove any stress leading up to appointment. This way if someone is extremely over weight it saves the embarrassment of having to ask them and you can possibly come to a solution of using a chair instead of laying down via phone call or email. Sometimes it can be much harder to discuss in person as people can feel embarrassed.
  • Ask in a kind respectful way.

This is the paragraph I have added to my welcome letter:

Sadly I am not equipped for bariatric/ heavy clients (over 25 stone/160Kg and / or with BMI of more than 40). Weight limit sourced from the NHS. My salon couch weight capacity is 125kg/ 19 stone. The chair in my waiting area is tested to 100kg/ 15 stone. This is for your safety as my equipment has a max weight load and I would hate for anyone to get hurt.

Most beauty couches on the market are designed to fold down, but this creates massive limitations. They advertise as having load weight of often 270kg/ 42 stone (on Amazon), however load weight is very different to what these beds will actually take as all the weight is in one area when the clients sits before laying.

beauty couch


The term Bariatric is used to refer to a person weighing over 25 stone (160Kg) and /
or with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 40.

My own salon couch has a weight capacity: 125kg/ 19 stone.

The Habitat chair in my waiting area is actually only 100 kg/ 15 stone.

It’s important for this information to be on your risk assessment and to inform new clients, so no client is hurt by failing equipment.

max load beauty salon

Due to the design of these beauty beds I have added some wooden supports underneath mine to increase it’s weight load, by reducing the span of the bed without any support.

extra supports beauty couch

As a business owner one of my biggest concerns is the customer not satisfied with the treatment they received,  so any tips on handing this situation with care would be gratefully received.

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