Like most people I have suffered from painful ingrowing hairs and struggled to remove them myself. It can be very tricky to see. Also juggling a needle and mirror isn’t easy when the hair is in a tricky place! As part of my facial treatment, I remove ingrowing hairs under my 5 times LED magnifier lamp using a sterile needle. Ingrown hairs are incredibly common on your face, especially the coarser, thicker hairs. Coarser hairs are often linked in females to polycystic ovaries. Men do seem to suffer the most if they regularly clean cut shave their face. If you can’t see what you are doing and squeeze, or jab at your skin with a sewing box needle you are most likely to cause permanent scarring. Also, you will cause a lot of localised damage to your skin, which will take time to heal and most likely get infected. An inflamed ingrowing hair can become extremely painful if left untreated and look very unsightly. It could even lead to sepsis.

Ingrown hairs
Ingrowing hairs after shaving

In my Norwich-based beauty salon, I can gently warm the skin and exfoliate dead skin cells, then carefully remove the ingrown hair with a sterile needle under my magnifying lamp. It’s not just on your face that people suffer from ingrowing hair. It can be under your arms, on your legs, bikini line. Once the hair is removed, your skin will heal.

Long term I would recommend regular facial treatments at my Norwich beauty salon to remove built-up dry, dead skin cells and keep your face looking fresh. In the shower, you can use an exfoliating mitt to remove dead skin cells, which can be the cause of hairs ingrowing. For men, I would recommend not doing a clean-cut shave and switching to close-shaven and seeing if that makes any improvement.

A deluxe facial treatment is by far my favourite treatment it leaves your skin looking younger and fresher with the extra bonus of being a very relaxing treatment. This is the ultimate ‘me time’.

Ingrown hairs in Norwich beauty salon.