Teeth whitening in Norwich

I often get asked if I can do teeth whitening (often called bleaching) in Norwich as I have over 10 years experience in both the dental and beauty fields.

However, while the products required for peroxide teeth whitening are classed as cosmetics, the actual treatment itself is considered to be Dentistry and not a cosmetic treatment. This means that teeth whitening can only be carried out by a registered Dental Professional or on their prescription.

I totally agree with the stance of the General Dental Council, as teeth whitening can be very dangerous if not done by professionally trained people. I have personally seen the damage hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide can do if the barrier gel hasn’t been placed correctly during teeth whitening application. It leaves severe burns on both the gums and lips, which is extremely painful. There’s also the additional risk of poor infection control policies and latex allergies.

Anyone doing teeth whitening who isn’t on the GDC list should be reported to the trading standards as it’s can be extremely dangerous. 

Read more on the current regulations for teeth whitening on the GDC website.

Quote from NHS website on teeth whitening in the beauty salon:

 “Some beauty salons offer teeth whitening, but this is illegal if there’s no dental professional present, and it may put your oral health at risk”


Teeth whitening in Norwich

I found a very interesting blog from Dr Nilesh Parmar on illegal teeth whitening, which I feel covers the point really well.

eBay has recently changed its rules on selling teeth whitening products and doesn’t allow anyone to sell whitening syringes over 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. Such a shame to see that people are still purchasing teeth whitening products and wasting their money. This low percentage of hydrogen peroxide is useless in whitening teeth and although it’s legal to buy, it would still need to be carried out by a dental professional.

Always check that the person carrying out teeth whitening in Norwich in on the GDC list and if they aren’t it’s very important to let the trading standards-aware of their illegal practice. It’s very easy to check the dental registry and strongly recommend you do before booking an appointment for teeth whitening.

Please note the Beauty guild doesn’t accredit anyone for teeth whitening in Norwich. If you see their logo on any beauty salon website please report it.

Teeth whitening in Norwich

Please share this blog to stop illegal teeth whitening in Norwich

“The GDC is the organisation which regulates registered dental professionals in the UK. The GDC also brings criminal prosecutions for the illegal practice of dentistry by non-registered companies and individuals. The GDC considers that tooth whitening amounts to the practice of dentistry contrary to section 38 of the Dentists Act 1984 (as amended). Accordingly it may only be legally undertaken by GDC registrants; specifically dentists, or dental hygienists or dental therapists working to a dentist’s prescription. Several companies which produce tooth whitening systems maintain that, since tooth whitening products are regulated by the European Council Directive on Cosmetic Products 76/68/EEC, their agents are carrying out a cosmetic procedure and are not practising dentistry. The 2001 House of Lords case concerning Optident is often quoted as an authority for this proposition. This is not a correct interpretation of the Optident case. This case was concerned solely with the classification of tooth whitening products rather than the provision of the treatment itself. It did NOT establish that the use of the product on the teeth of an individual amounted to a cosmetic treatment.

The GDC has already brought successful prosecutions against those engaged in illegal tooth whitening. Most recently, in November 2012 a representative of Pearl Teeth Whitening Limited trading as Pearl National pleaded guilty for illegally carrying on the business of dentistry. Additionally, Mr Carl Espano in December 2011, for undertaking tooth whitening when he was not registered with the GDC to do so. The GDC also successfully prosecuted the director of the company Style Smile Clinics, Mr Paul Hill in March 2011. Mr Hill pleaded guilty to offences under the Act, including the practice of dentistry contrary to Section 38

Further details are set out at:

General Dental Council successfully prosecutes teeth whitening company

Court imposes fine on illegal teeth whitening company; and

Defendant pleads guilty in teeth whitening case

General Dental Council online form to report teeth whitening

NHS views and where to report illegal teething whitening

Made case law in 2013 – “General Dental Council v Jamous”

Stop illegal teeth whitening in Norwich.

I know many dentists who offer teeth whitening in Norwich, so happy to give you recommendations. Here is a list of a few people I personally recommend as I have assisted with teeth whitening with them:

Teeth whitening by Chris Lefkaditis

Teeth whitening by Dr Andre Potgieter B.Ch.D

Teeth whitening by Jim Peirson

Teeth whitening by Teresa Kleinhans 

Teeth whitening by Roel Bester


teeth whitening offers in Norwich
Article in the EDP24 of local women pleading guilty for doing illegal teeth whitening in Norwich. Click on this image to take you to full article.

Live locally to Norwich and want to book in? Have a look at my price list and contact me by email.

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