It’s really important to shampoo individual eyelash extensions to keep them clean and healthy. Build up of oils on the eyelash extensions causes the glue to break down and the extension to come away from the natural lash.


There are lots of eyelash extension shampoos and cleansers on the market. For this blog post I have used Lashbase cleanser. It’s RRP is £15-20 per bottle. This eyelash extension cleanser is oil free and a neutral ph, so perfect for using at home to keep the lashes clean. It’s also ideal to use prior to applying a full set of individual eyelash extensions. It’s great at preventing blepharitis, which is inflammation of the eyelid.


Personally, I prefer using a small fan brush to clean the eyelash extensions. Above is a client with no lashes on, so I am using this cleanser prior to application. It’s important to only use the foam on the fan brush to clean down and away from the lids taking away any old mascara, foundation which has built up on lashes etc. After using the foam wash on the lashes I then rinse with a saline solution or cooled boiled water to remove the soap. It’s very important to still use a primer (alcohol based) to remove every last bit from the lashes. Anything left on the natural eyelashes will cause a barrier between the glue and natural lash.


Extract from Lashbase on their cleanser

“Purified – Eyelid and Lash Cleanser

LashBase Purified is the must-have lash cleanser. Specially formulated to be PH neutral and oil free. This foaming cleanser is ideal for your client to thoroughly clean their lashes and eye area and forms part of the perfect aftercare regime to keep their lashes clean and healthy after your work is complete.

For technicians using Purified prior to an eyelash extension application, a Primer must be used to clear any soap residue.

Purified is also a great treatment to help Blepharitis suffers and can keep all symptoms at bay to leave your eyes and eyelids feeling fresh and comfortable. For those of you that don’t know, Blepharitis is a common condition that causes inflammation of the eyelids. The condition can be difficult to manage because it tends to recur. Symptoms of Blepharitis include a foreign body or burning sensation, excessive tearing, itching, sensitivity to light (photophobia), red and swollen eyelids, redness of the eye, blurred vision, frothy tears, dry eye, or crusting of the eyelashes on awakening.

Instructions for use – Apply one pump of Purified cleanser on to the fingertips (or back of your hand and use a silicone mascara wand) and gently massage into the eyelashes and eyelid. Do not allow contact with your eyes. Allow foam to sit on eyelids for about one minute, rinse and gently pat dry. We recommend selling this cleanser to each of your lash clients for use as part of their daily after-care regime as it will improve the longevity and help you when it comes to in-fills.”

baby shampoo for eyelash extensions

An alternative to a specialised eyelash extension shampoo is baby shampoo mixed with cooled boiled water. I am told that adding baking powder brings it to the correct ph, but please don’t quote me on that! Ideally use in a foam pump dispenser bottle and just use the foam, rinsing afterwards with cool boiled water. Please do this extremely carefully you only want to remove the built-up oils. Take great care not to damage the eyelash extensions while cleaning them.


Eyelash extension shampooing